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    rashayad Guest
    Any chance this draws DAX out of "retirement"?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by rashayad View Post
    Any chance this draws DAX out of "retirement"?
    I wouldn't be surprised at that myself, considering once the PSP was hacked he started in with his PSP CFW releases.

    Of course it's a little premature to speculate that far ahead since we don't even know the extent of things yet... chances are, if GeoHot is finishing his work solo it will take him quite some time to reverse everything.

    Here is to hoping he does share some more progress updates along the way though, which from the sound of things, he plans to.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Here is to hoping he does share some more progress updates along the way though, which from the sound of things, he plans to.
    Excellent news. That would speed things along.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Hey guys, would the countless hackers interested in the PS3 actually be able to create ANYTHING for the PS3 without a DECR1000 Tool?

    Because if not, all eyes are on CJPC. Can you feel the pressure?

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    Apr 2005
    A Tool isn't needed, however, the only issue might be in running PS3 backups... the possibility exists that they may end up needing to be dumped properly via Debug PS3 the way some Devs have been doing all along. If this is the case, CJPC will release a complete guide with all the necessary tools of course so don't worry.

    However, if someone cracks the isolated SPU that may not be an issue at all, as then it may be possible to make the SPU decrypt the data after patching the kernel... of course the BD drive will also check the data, etc.

    The above is all rampant speculation though, as until GeoHot posts more details it's all anyone can do pretty much.

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    auronx Guest

    Thumbs Up

    GEOHOT.. what a computer warrior, hats off to him top man!

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    SCE Guest
    The best thing is that we do not have to wait for a fake backup loader every new year anymore

  8. #108
    Flowcaine Guest
    If this does lead to homebrew on the PS3, is there a chance that Bluray Drive keys can be extracted and flashed onto a different drive so that you don't have to use the drive that came with the PS3's motherboard?

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    Transient Guest

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    This is great news but a lot of commenters seem to be jumping the gun. I have no doubt that Geohot has performed a significant feat, but there's a lot of work before we see homebrew and ISO loaders (and there's no guarantee this will even lead to that).

    Regardless, I am pretty excited about the possibilities. If nothing else I think it will open up some new avenues and perhaps give devs some new ideas.

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    Tender Phantom Guest
    Very impressive, can't wait until we are able run homebrew XBMC-PS3 also ISO loaders can be useful in some cases but not really my cup of tea, I much perfer to have my stack of games right at the side of my console, it just looks so much better

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