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Thread: PS3 Hack Exploit SX28 Hardware Arrives, Bring on the Hypervisor!

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Is there an estimated time that we'll see the dump posted?

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    dvbtr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elected View Post
    Finally, how will it help to us? will be possible to run dumped ISO's, burned on bd roms or from HDD?
    Nobody don't know because there is no known bug found related with dump or we don't know if dump can help us to solve but it's better than nothing.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    Is there an estimated time that we'll see the dump posted?
    I guess sometime between now and Sunday evening. CJPC is always kinda fast with his updates.

    They won't post the dump in a public place tho, since it is copyrighted by Sony.

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    yellowsnow Guest

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    Great snow day surprise cant wait to see what this looks like; I kinda gave up on my free-formed 555 circuit too bad you need semi-expensive hardware to glitch the rambus, I'm sure you'll share though. Its only been 3 years; good work CJPC!

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    To all guys whom are asking for iso loaders, ways to play backups on PS3 should know that it can only be possible after accessing to lvl2 and the current hack is about obtaining the dumps is lvl0 and lvl1 which is low level also a lot of reverse engineering is needed to find any exploit from these dumps.

    if any exploit or exploits are found then they should be used in a way to obtain the lvl2 dumps then it'll enable devs to make iso loaders, maybe cfws or any sort of such things so stop asking these annoying questions and let the devs do their work instead of answering your question.

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    veggav Guest


    Well, is there a chance that the dump might be completly useless ?

    I mean, as far as I know, lv0 lv1 and the hypervision are crypted, so ok, you guys will dump them and this information is decrypted so you can check what is written on it.

    But would be possible that there are no holes ? Like a very well written scructure that does not let anybody go on ?

    If so, this would be the end of the ps3 scene but this is a really negative thought..

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    dante489 Guest
    the exploit still needs Linux to work.. without the otheros option there was no such exploit which made me think that even after the ps3 was hacked u still needed Sony's help imagine the ps3 fat without this option which could easily happened then how great the security would look... and i just wanted to know why do ppl seem so happy about this thing even thought it's still just an exploit?

    i mean what if the devs failed in obtaining anything from this, would history still recognize it as the first hack to the ps3? i mean if we can't run homebrews then how comes everyone keep saying geohot hacked the ps3 and some ppl even ask for an iso loader which i think that its so dump, don't you think that until now he didn't totally opened the ps3 like what he did with the iphone i mean what kept him from completing his job or he thought that was enough... is really hacking the level0 and level 1 enough for the devs to finally release something useful for end users?

    if only sony has supported Graphic acceleration in linux then no one has a reason to hack it. i'm a noob i can barely code a hello word so plz if i was saying stupid things let me know.

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    mckarlsson Guest
    good luck ps3news-team will wait for more interesting news !

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    TonyHart Guest
    To dante489,

    I may be corrected here, but the way I understand it is the otheros HV dump exploit is useless to end-users, and its process, code and hardware will not be incorporated at all in an enduser firmware/hack/modchip. It is a stepping stone which allows hackers and devs to access part of Sony's programming that was previously inaccessible.

    Analysing this programming may reveal other approaches that may allow the same people to access more of Sony's programming at a deeper/parallel level. It is akin to peeling back layers of an onion until a complete picture of the onion is revealed, but so far only the first layer has been removed. And it can make you cry sometimes...

    And on an onion and Sony theme ...

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    Preceptor Guest
    @dante489 : Nobody knows the usefulness of the exploit to the purpose of running homebrews yet. But it did gave hypervisor level of access to the system memory so it will probably be useful in the future.

    Now, as some guy posted before, there will be a lot of reverse engineering of the two lower levels of the chain of trust and the hypervisor, so hopefully in the future holes will be found.

    About GeoHotz work with the ps3 : In my opinion, I think that in his gigantic ego and need for praises he said the phrase of the year "fine, one tweet... i just hacked the PS3." In doing so he attracted more attention in one week than his whole career as an iphone hacker

    So I think $ony probably pressured him to stop working with the ps3 or risk being sued to the bone... If he said something like "I think I managed to access some restricted system memory" he would've got a LOT less unwanted attention.

    Imo he should've kept working till he got a Hello World running through GameOS before announcing anything. But I don't know if he wanted to get that far. Just my thoughts on the matter.


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