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Thread: PS3 GamePad Test & PS3 Game Pad Test Source Code by Zar Arrives

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    PS3 GamePad Test & PS3 Game Pad Test Source Code by Zar Arrives

    Following up on the previous PS3 GamePad Test PADTEST.ISO utility by Samson, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer zar made available another PS3 GamePad Test PKG and source code with details below.

    Download: gamepadtest.pkg / GamePadTest_src.rar

    To quote: PS3 Game Pad Test by zar

    I made it with psl1ght v2.

    All PS3 GamePad features are supported:
    • L3 + R3 = Activate Small Motor
    • L3 + R2 = Manage Large Motor Speed with R2 Button Pressure

    Update: Also below is a PS3 Backup Manager called ManaGunZ v1.00 followed by v1.10 and v1.21 by Zar with details as follows:

    This is another Backup Manager made from the ground. It allows you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal HDD as a virtual Blu-Ray using 4 different UIs: List, Grid, XMB and Flow.

    Download: ManaGunZ_v1.00.pkg / ManaGunZ_v1.00.pkg (Mirror) / ManaGunZ_v1.00.rar / PSDK3v2 GIT (To Compile) / Bonus_Theme_xmb.pkg by kozarovv / ManaGunZ_v1.10.pkg / ManaGunZ_v1.10.pkg (Mirror) / ManaGunZ_v1.10.rar / managunz_v1.21.pkg / ManaGunZ_v1.21.rar / by ghostreader / ManaGunZ_v1.22.pkg / ManaGunZ_v1.22 ( Build Test #7 ).pkg (Crash Fix Attempt) by Alexander / ManaGunZ_v1.23.pkg / ManaGunZ_v1.23.pkg (Mirror) / OffsetFinder.rar by Zar

    From ghostreader: For games in JB format, copy the .bat file to the path that contain the game (PS3_UPDATE , PS3_GAME). It create two files: file_list.txt and path_list.txt. Erase the .txt and .bat files after you are done.

    I. What is ManaGunZ?

    This is another Backup Manager. It allow you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal hdd as a virtual Blue-Ray. I tried to do a "AIO backup manager".

    Supported CFW: 4.21 - 4.65

    A.) Game Settings

    Direct Boot

    It allow you to launch the game directly after mounting it. There isn't lot of game which support it (every Lego games works with), with this you don't have to go back to the XMB to launch the game.

    Clean Syscall:

    It disable peek & poke syscall, especially syscall 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 35, 36, this syscall doesn't exist in a OFW. So, this option prevent you to be banned from PSN (especially with Black Ops II) but this isn't guaranted, risk 0 with a CFW doesn't exist. Moreover there is soooo many way to detect a CFW...

    Change IDPS:

    It change your IDPS in the lv2

    Ext. Game Data:

    It allow you to install gamedata in your usb device instead of inside your system. Basically , it redirect the path : "/dev_hdd0/game" to "/dev_usb000/GAMEI"


    Here you can choose which payload it will use to mount your game. I don't really know if a payload is better than another... from my experience, I always saw same results with every payloads

    For ISO games, if you are in cobra fw, it will use the cobra payload otherwise it will use the mamba.

    For JB game, you can choose the payload extracted from:

    Iris ("sky")
    Cobra (ofc, it's available only with a fw cobra)
    (-I'll add the new mamba later)

    Set primary USB

    It set the USB device where the game is stored as the main USB device. This option allow to make some game working without any issue. It's available only with a fw cobra.


    Here you can choose which type of emulation it will use to mount you game. This option allow to make some game working without any issue. This option is available for JB games only. You have the choice between 3 possibilities:
    • None : There isn't any "special emulation", the path "/dev_bdvd" is just redirected to the path of the game.
    • BD-Mirroir : it patch the mount table in the lv2 to remplace the device dev_bdvd or dev_ps2disk for internal by the device where is stored the backup. This option works fine in extern only if there is only 1 device plugged.
    • BD-EMU : It redirect the path of the libfs.sprx to the path of a libfs patched.

    Patched from:

    This option is available for JB games and if you choose "Emulation : BD-EMU". It allow you to choose which patched libfs do you want to use. I found 3 way too patch it, one from MM, and one other from Iris and finally the last one from ReactPSN. I don't know if there is a patch better than an others.

    Mount /app_home:

    Basically, this is a redirection of the patch /app_home to the path "/dev_bdvd". This option allow to make some game working without any issue. This option is available for JB games

    Use patched plugin:

    This option is available for JB games and if you choose "Yes" to mount "/app_home". The path "/app_home" is remplaced by "/dev_bdvd" inside the plugin explore_plugin.sprx . Also, the icon of the "/app_home" in the XMB is changed to a disk. Basically, it redirect the path of the original plugin to patched plugin.

    B.) Game Option


    Rename the title of your backup.

    Add/Remove to/from favorites

    Manage a list your favorite game. (for now, you can see your list of favorites only with the UI "XMB")

    Delete game:

    Delete your backup

    Copy game:

    Copy your backup to another device.

    Make PKG:

    Create a package stored to the path "/dev_hdd0/packages". This package once installed will be a "shortcut" of your backup in the XMB. You'll just have to launch it, few moment later, it'll return to XMB with your backup mounted. You can hold triangle once it launched to reconfigure the game settings of this "shortcut".

    Make PKG stealth

    Same as the previous option but you can choose the TITLE_ID of the "shortcut"

    Patch EBOOT

    It change the fw version to 4.21 of your EBOOT (offset 0x400 or 0x40C) to prevent to have the error 0x80010009.


    It re-sign every executable of your backup with the 4.21 keys

    Extract/Convert to ISO

    Convert your JB game to ISO or Convert your ISO to a JB game

    Fix permission

    Change permission value to 0777 of every folder and file of your backup

    Download update

    This will download all updated available of your backup. The update downloaded will be stored to the path "/dev_hdd0/packages".


    Show the properties of your backup: Path, Format, Size, number of file, number of directory, system version.

    C.) Global Settings

    Adjust Screen

    Calibrate your display to get the best display on your TV.

    Dir. to scan

    Configure the name of directories where ManaGunZ will find your backups. You can add or remove a directory.


    Choose which interface you prefere. Actually, there is 4 differents UI : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow"

    For each UI, you can choose a theme. Also, you can create your own theme, you just need to add a directory (the name of the directory is the name of your theme) to the following path: "/dev_hdd0/game/MANAGUNZ0/USRDIR/GUI/name_of_the_UI/name_of_your_theme".

    For example, if you want to add your theme named "Example" for the UI "List", then put your images inside the directory named "Example" and then move your folder to the path "/dev_hdd0/game/MANAGUNZ0/USRDIR/GUI/List".

    But the name of the images of the theme can't be changed. For each theme you have a list of image:
    • "List" : BG.PNG ; BG_ICON0.PNG
    • "Grid" : TODO
    • "Flow" : BG.PNG ; BG_TITLE.PNG

    II. TO-DO

    Cobra without peek&poke
    Theme for UI "Grid"
    Mamba extern
    Use lastest mamba
    PS2/PSX (cobra)
    Retro (RetroArch)
    Generate PKG batch
    Auto Update

    III. History

    A.) Changelogs


    I fixed the issue reported by ghostreader and sandungas. Also fixed the freezing issue. Thank you Alexander for porting it to 4.75 CEX/DEX.

    To avoid any conflict with other installation of psl1ght, the lib cobra and ntfs are included in the project.

    Fix: UI Flow without theme
    Fix: no more freeze in 4.75 CEX
    Add: support 4.75 DEX

    PS: I also did a small exe (linked above) which is working like get_symbol of aldostool to find offset. It also create the file common.h. I could include these function directly in ManaGunZ but I don't know if it's really accurate even if it's working with every fw from 4.21 to 4.75.


    I updated MGZ. I had some trouble with MD5 and sha-1 because for big file it's taking tooooo many time to get the value. I know that it's probably coming from an issue with fopen fread fclose... so for now MD5 and sha-1 are available only for file under 10Mo, and I removed all other stuff related to MD5 (like IRD) until i fix this (i must re'write the functiun to get MD5 with sysfsfopen sysfsread ...etc.)
    • Fix : Make pkg
    • Add : support fw 4.75
    • Add : XMB priority. When you change this option it will be activ only after the next boot of the homebrew.
    • Add : Acces to FileManager even if with 0 game detected
    • Fix FileManager : Window resize
    • Fix FileManager : Scroll bar
    • Fix FileManager : Some minor issues (I forgot)
    • Add FileManager : Move window with cursor
    • Add FileManager : Icon with color for some file (ex : *.self = RED)
    • Add FileManager : Preview of *.txt . It's only the begining of the file ~25 lines.
    • Add FileManager : View PNG and JPG
    • Add FileManager : Display SHA1 and MD5 in file properties. Only for file lower than 10 Mo if the file is too big it take too many time.
    • Add FileManager : Extract & Sign EBOOT.BIN, *.self and *.sprx
    • Add FileManager : Add/Remove a sprx to/from a boot list
    • Add FileManager : Dump Lv2 & Flash

    • Add : File Manager
    • Fix : issue with mutli-partitioned device
    • Add : Latest MAMBA 2.XX by NvZ
    • Add : support fw 4.70 DEX

    • Change : UI "Flow" mouvement is inversed by default
    • Fix : folder "game_settings" was missing
    • Fix : after extracting an ISO, there is no more 2 game added in the list
    • Fix : issue in the display of properties
    • Fix : issue with NTFS devices
    • Fix : issue in Plug & Play thread
    • Add : New mamba 1.20 by _NZH_ (i just removed the map_path("/app_home", "dev_usb000", 0))
    • Add : mount JB games with mamba (syscall 35)
    • Add : mount app_home with ISO
    • Change : In Game Settings with UI "XMB", the 'back' button isn't triangle anymore, it's circle like in other UI
    • Add : Hold Cirlce 3s to go back to XMB
    • Add : Custumize colors used by ManaGunZ
    • Fix : Minor stuff (I forgot)
    • Add : Support multiMAN's themes (*.thm) and original static themes (*p3t). (see note)
    • Add : Support fw 4.70

    • Ftp
    • FileManager
    • Cobra without peek&poke
    • Theme for UI "Grid"
    • Mamba extern
    • PS2/PSX (cobra)
    • Retro (RetroArch)
    • Network
    • Generate PKG batch
    • Auto Update

    • Change IDPS in LV2
    • Clean Syscall: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 35, 36
    • Direct Boot
    • Install gamedata in your usb device (redirect /dev_hdd0/game to /dev_usb000/GAMEI)
    • Support multiple Payloads: Cobra ISO, Mamba, Iris (Sky), MM, Cobra OFW
    • BD Emulation: BD-EMU (patched libfs.sprx), BD-Mirror (for only 1 usb connected)
    • Redirect /app_home as /dev_bdvd
    • Backup/Copy games
    • Delete game
    • Favorite games
    • Rename title of your backups
    • Patch EBOOT (4.21-4.6x) to 4.21 (prevents error 0x80010009)
    • Extract/Convert to ISO
    • Fix permission (Change permission to 0777 of every folder and file of a game)
    • Download update
    • Re-sign every executable of your backup with the 4.21 keys
    • Make PKG / Make PKG stealth
    • Choose directories where ManaGunZ will find your backups
    • 4 different UIs : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow"


    Added: confirmation to delete a game
    Adding: "Fix permission"
    Correction: Patch black screen
    Added: "Set Primary USB"
    Correction: rewrite mode AutoMount
    Added: New interface of the "Settings" menu


    Added: New ICON0 and PIC1
    Correction : freeze pour le GUI "Flow"
    Correction : notification si download cancel
    Correction: Keyboard
    Correction: "Turn OFF" is active only if there is at least 1 update
    Correction : "Get_ICON0()"


    Added: "Game Ext"
    Added: "Rename"
    Added: "Copy Game"
    Added: "Make pkg Stealth"
    Added: "Fix EBOOT"
    Adding: "Re-Sign"
    Added: "Convert/Extract ISO"
    Adding: "Download Update"
    Adding: "Properties"
    Added: A "Game Menu" interface grouping "Game Settings" "Game Option"
    Correction: Black screen with fw 4.60


    Added: the screen setting
    Added: Option to configure the startup files scanned
    Adding: "advanced" mounting options. We can now configure (1) the payload, (2) the type of emulation, (3) libfs.sprx, (4) the assembly / app_home or not, (5) explorer_plugin.sprx patched or not.
    Fix: black screen with fw 4.60


    Added: GUI "Flow"


    Added: GUI "XMB"
    Correction: New regex on the name of pkg: [a..z] [A..Z] [0..9] []
    Fixed: bug for XMB shortcuts: freeze in an ISO montages cobra CFW
    Added: Favourites list (for now visible only with the GUI "XMB")
    Correction: Notification is beautiful


    Added: GUI "Grid"
    Withdrawal: the header "ManaGunZ"
    Fixed: bug when no games are detected
    Added: Compatibility 4.65


    Added: Structure GUI/THEME
    Added: GUI "List"
    Added: Themes


    Added: creation of explore_plugin.sprx patched files
    Correction: The EBOOT.BIN is only used to launch managunz.self
    Correction: only 1 SELF with 2 types of uses, such as "manager" or Type "launcher"
    Correction: Focusing own debug messages
    Correction : mise au propre des messages debug
    Correction: Focusing own offsets for all FW
    Added: Patch "anti-error"
    Added: Compatibility with fw 4.60
    Added: Warning message if multiple ext hdd are connected to the BD-Mirror mountingFixed: minor
    Fixed: minor


    Added: New ICON0
    Added: Automatic refresh if you plug or unplug a USB device
    Correction: the payload mamba is installed only if you start a game as iso with a non-fw cobra


    Added: ICON0 "Bullet"
    Adding: "Bullet" loading screen
    Adding USB icon and ISO


    Correction: The name of PKG in ASCII
    Correction: control flag


    Added: notification
    Adding: "Make PKG" achieves pkg like "lastman" for mounting the games via xmb


    Added: loading screen
    Added: joystick information


    Fixed: bug mount iso mamba not split


    Added: NTFS HDD compatibility


    Added: UTF


    Version initial

    Finally, from kozarovv: I made a theme for xmb UI, just to test that i can, only custom icons added. But i need to resize some images for better look, when i get some free time because now it dont look so nice (no-antialiasing ).

    Here is the link (above) if someone want to test it. Theme is in pkg format, just install from IPF and set in ManaGunz options. Title in PARAM.SFO is still ManaGunz v1.00 if you have newer version (if exist), it change title to mentioned.

    [imglink=|PS3 GamePad Test & PS3 Game Pad Test Source Code by Zar Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 GamePad Test & PS3 Game Pad Test Source Code by Zar Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 GamePad Test & PS3 Game Pad Test Source Code by Zar Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    cool app, i was looking for this kind of application for long time ago. any one have try this yet? is it complete program or not? and how to use it?

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