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    PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.0.0.0 Arrives

    Here is PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client version homebrew application. This tool will search for update and check it with param.sfo, compare and give you posibility download the updates.

    Below is the download along with some updates to the tool as well.

    Download: PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.0.0.0 / PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.0.0.0 (with DLL File) / PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.2

    Version 1.2 Features:

    + fix a few bugs
    + ftp fully working with openFTP
    + add function check for update from FTp
    + some changes for param.sfo edits

    Verison Features:

    + michalss quality
    + nice progress bar
    + ftp experimental
    + pharsing sfo file (reading data from it)
    + etc...

    PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.0.0.0 Arrives

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the PS3 application michalss, promoted to the main page now and +Rep!

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    Thanks, looks very useful.

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    1st run on windows 7 ultimate "PS3 UPDATE manager has stopped working"

    "windows is checking for a solution to the problem..."

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    Same here on Win 7 Home Premium x86.

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    Sorry folks i forget add 1 dll and will post a new version

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    cool i don't know how to jailbreak... i'm getting it anyway from a friend.

    And i cannot wait!! it sounds cool.

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    Very nice app, thank you!

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    Thanks for the good work.. a few notes here. Seems to be a little complicated to understand.

    My impression from a couple of minutes using it is it is a separate game updater and ftp client. So you can check updates on games that are on your PS3 without downloiading them first, and if you have the games locally you need to upload your updates manually.

    It's a good try though.

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    After you tell it to download the updates, then what? There's no readme file.

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