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Thread: PS3 Game Update Manager + FTP Client v1.0.0.0 Arrives

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    shummyr Guest
    This is a great app thankyou

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    Trish Guest
    the first release just says FTP operation not supported. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Asch18 Guest
    Thanks for the FTP client, I've been looking for one for kmeaw 3.55.

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    michalss Guest
    New version with fully wotrking ftp manager V1.2
    • fix a few bugs
    • ftp fully working with openFTP
    • add function check for update from FTp
    • some changes for param.sfo edits



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    Apr 2005
    Added v1.2 to the first post along with the video, and +Rep for the update michalss.

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    Ruslan21 Guest
    Thanks for the update!

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