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    proskopina Guest

    PS3 Game Ripper v1.0 Homebrew Application is Released

    Today Spanish site Teknoconsolas.es (linked above) has posted the first release of PS3 Game Ripper v1.0, which is a homebrew application that allows you to reduce the size of PlayStation 3 game backups, followed shortly by version 2.0 which reportedly shrinks images even better and 3.0 followed by 3.1 below.

    Download: PS3 Game Ripper v1.0 / PS3 Game Ripper v2.0 / PS3 Game Ripper v2.0 (English) / PS3 Game Ripper v3.0 / PS3 Game Ripper v3.1

    To quote, roughly translated: Lande, known PSP programmer has ported its PS3 UMDRipper the environment and has created what it called PS3 Game Ripper.

    Basically what this application is to reduce the size of the PS3 backups. To detect this file as AT3 sounds, videos M2TS and MTS, dummies and different languages, allowing the removal of them and thus obtaining a copy of inferior size. Also automatically detects and removes the update of the game.

    In principle it is a first version that will subsequently be optimized by the own Lande, adding more features.

    NOTE: To use it you have to indicate the game folder, which contains the ID, eg "BLES00239."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks proskopina and +Rep.. and also the other guys who submitted this news as well.

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    killah57 Guest


    Also automatically detects and removes the update of the game
    Does this mean, we can remove the files that check the firmware of the ps3?

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    thrax Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by killah57 View Post
    Does this mean, we can remove the files that check the firmware of the ps3?
    Hopefully, I'm going to test it later on.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    I hope so too. Just about how much would this reduce the actual game file?

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    From what I understand, it is designed to remove unnecessary files in order to optimize the game's filesize. I doubt this will prevent the game from detecting your firmware version and prompting you to update, but you can hope.

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    tjay17 Guest
    This is good news, now the backups can be smaller.

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    PARDES Guest
    you can only delete language files and dummy files to reduce the file size.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    There's nothing new here, since the PS2 games where ripped to downsize. PS2 have dummys because of a limitation of the files system, no PS2 DVD could have less then 1.2 GB. PS3 doesn't need dummys but also have files that could be ripped like audio and movies of other languages, especially in region 2 (PAL) games. Some games have 7 or plus languages. Let the rippers begin their work!

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    f455tty Guest
    PS3_UPDATE folder and its contents PS3UPDAT.PUP can safely delete or not to download from torrents, it is not necessary, although it takes more than 250 megabytes of disk space. Without it, all games work.

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