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    PS3 Game List by Nullptr PlayStation 3 Homebrew App is Released

    Today PlayStation 3 developer nullptr has released a homebrew application he calls PS3 Game List followed by v1.5 and v1.7 with details below, as follows:

    Download: PS3 Game List / PS3 Game List (Mirror - same version but will show more info should an error occur) / PS3 Game List v1.5 / PS3 Game List v1.7

    To quote: Hello all!

    I wanted to quickly create a list of my backups. I didn't have any app that could do it, so I wrote a simple one and would like to share it. There might be other (more professional) apps, but it's nice to have alternatives.

    The application scans for games in a directory and creates a list of games names and their respective IDs.

    The list can be saved to a text file. Also games trophies can be browsed if they're available.

    Hope you like it!

    v1.5 Changelog:
    • Added support for scanning games in network shared folders (proper permissions should be set)
    • Browsing trophies while scanning for games.
    • Double click an item on the list to show its text on a tool-tip.
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    • For games with multiple trophies (Ex: MGS HD Edition), press F2 to switch between trophy sets.
    • Right click a game to "open its folder".

    v1.7 Changelog:
    • Added Game folder renamer with dynamic patterns and back up for original names (\Backup.txt).
    • When renaming, "TITLE" is replaced by game title, and "TITLE_ID" is replaced by game ID.
    • Added trophy icons to the trophy list.
    • Added option to sort the game list
    • Other small tweaks.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    Nice! thanks for sharing.. love useful tools and original homebrew.

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