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Thread: PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives

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    modmate Guest

    PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives

    Today trueicecold has released a PC application formerly dubbed PS3 Game Detector which is now called PS3 Game Updater and allows users to identify and grab updates for their PlayStation 3 game backups.

    It fetches the list of the game names in your specified backups directories with an option of finding the latest update to the those games.

    Download: PS3 Game Updater v1.11 / PS3 Game Updater v1.2 / PS3 Game Updater v1.3 / PS3 Game Updater v1.4 / PS3 Game Updater v1.41 / PS3 Game Updater v1.41 (Mirror)

    To quote: A small program I created, to make it easier for users download updates for their games.

    This program will scan you backed up games folder (On your computer, not PS3), show details about each game, and give you the option to download updates for your games, all at once by your choice (deselect the checkboxes on the left to remove a game from the update list).

    Version 1.41

    + Added “Collapse/Expand” button to expand all updates.
    + Downloading an update will also show progress in the game column itself, so no need to expand it
    + Added new file format for saving updates: “GAMEID – GAMENAME – VERSION.pkg”
    + Fixed the bug of update links not exported correctly
    + Stability fixes

    Note: Application tested on:
    Windows XP 32Bit + .NET 3.0 installed
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit + .NET 3.0 installed
    Windows Vista 32Bit Home Premium

    Version 1.4

    + Fixed that dreadful crash when pressing the "Get Games List" button.
    + Added FTP PSN Support (FTP function will now show updates for PSN games as well).
    + Want to download the updates using your favorite download manager? Now you can have the option to export game updates links to a text file
    + Added a new column - "Fat32 Compatible". Basically checkes for files larger than 4GB (Disabled by default, enable in settings window).
    + By popular request, Now you choose between "," ";" or "[TAB]" delimieter for csv export (Settings window)

    Version 1.3

    + Major changes to the results grid.
    + You can now download all updates of a game, instead of the latest one!
    + Added downloading updates by game id (choose "Search Game ID" from the "Import From" menu)
    + Optimized the ftp lookup. Should be about 20 times faster now.
    + Added a new option in Settings: you can now choose to save the update file in its ogirinal file name, or save it as "[GAMENAME] - Version [VERSION].pkg]" for easier location and update ordering.
    + Added a "Donate" option in the menu. Please do

    Version 1.2

    + Added exporting list to csv file.
    + Fully already downloaded updated will be skipped.
    + Added FTP scan support (Experimental). Switch to “PS3 FTP” from the menu. The application will scan the directory of your choice for the games installed, and return a list, just like HDD scan. To edit locations of the games folder, edit the settings.ini. Edit “FTPLocations” parameter, each location seperated by a “,”. Updates downloaded through FTP scan will be saved under the “PS3 Game Updater Updates (FTP Scan)” in the aplication directory.

    * Note: this process could take a while, depending on the amount of sub-directories of your games directory.

    + Added shortcuts:
    F1 – About
    F2 – Settings
    Ctrl+Shift+S – Export as csv

    + Minor and not-so-minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.11

    + Enabled X button to close the appication.

    Version 1.1

    + Added "Settings" and "About" windows. Use the "Settings" window to save your last used folder, open folder after downloading all updates, and determine whether to save the updates into one big folder, or put each update in its game folder.
    + Table now shows the actualy game path as well.
    + Select/Deselect all checkbox added.
    + Added Download speed indicator.
    + Downloading now shows the version of the donwloaded update.
    + Minor GUI improvements.

    Version 1.0

    First release, only scans folder and shows details. Previously called "PS3 Game Detector".

    [imglink=|PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Moved to the main page now, and +Rep for the news modmate!

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    VanFinale Guest
    Can't multiman update the games right on the PS3 now?

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    Nifty little app.. Thank you! Hopefully will implement a couple more save options on a future update perhaps.

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    Jes03 Guest
    When you run the game you can update it directly on the PS3 anyway. But there are 2 huge bugs with this.

    1, it adds games 2x to the list so you download the update twice.
    2, it doesn't download anything.

    It says its downloading but it doesn't. Nothing is downloaded. If it is downloaded its not anywhere it says it will be.

    I will stick to actually running the game and if there is an update it'll download it automatically for me.

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    ramensama Guest
    worked here just fine. it created a folder E:\GAMEZ\PS3 Game Updater Updates

    Updates downloaded quickly and all went well!

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    Yep... same here. Not sure what Jes03 was doing but everything went fine for me and this little app does have some practical use. My wife has had the T.V. tied up all evening, but I was still able to download the update for all my games while doing other things without waiting for each one to finish while I stared at a black screen

    Plus I didn't have to manually search for anything which was very nice. Speeds were very good even reaching 1MB/s which I believe I've never seen the PS3 do even being hard-lined.

    The only bug I found was upon maximizing the window, the download speed pops to the middle of the screen instead of staying in place on the form. It would also be nice to have the save folder more customizable so it doesn't necessarily have to use the same drive the game is on once the info is collected.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Same as ShroomRaza, my only issue is maximizing the scree and having the "download speed" in the center of the screen.

    This also worked perfect for me on several titles I tried it on. Much better than manually doing one by one. Great app!

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    Insanic Guest
    Great App! Works fine for me!

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    Brenza Guest
    Thank you, it's very useful!

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