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Thread: PS3 Game Detector Now PS3 Game Updater, Version 1.11 Arrives

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    Apr 2005
    Another update... PS3 Game Updater 1.3:
    Version 1.3
    + Major changes to the results grid.

    + You can now download all updates of a game, instead of the latest one!

    + Added downloading updates by game id (choose "Search Game ID" from the "Import From" menu)

    + Optimized the ftp lookup. Should be about 20 times faster now.

    + Added a new option in Settings: you can now choose to save the update file in its ogirinal file name, or save it as "[GAMENAME] - Version [VERSION].pkg]" for easier
    location and update ordering.

    + Added a "Donate" option in the menu. Please do

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    windrider42 Guest
    Thanks for this app. Works fine, even the first version

    Would be nice to see when there are updates though, that they are updated as well in first post.

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    I always add the latest version to the first post, as was done to v1.3 yesterday.

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    windrider42 Guest
    My bad then. I must have been sleeping


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    No prob... better to be sleeping than snowed in as many people seem to be today!

    Also, below is version 1.4 and the changelog as follows:
    Version 1.4

    + Fixed that dreadful crash when pressing the "Get Games List" button.

    + Added FTP PSN Support (FTP function will now show updates for PSN games as well).

    + Want to download the updates using your favorite download manager? Now you can have the option to export game updates links to a text file

    + Added a new column - "Fat32 Compatible". Basically checkes for files larger than 4GB (Disabled by default, enable in settings window).

    + By popular request, Now you choose between "," ";" or "[TAB]" delimieter for csv export (Settings window)

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    Arrow PS3 Game Updater 1.41

    Another update, PS3 Game Updater 1.41 and changelog is below:

    Version 1.41:

    + Added “Collapse/Expand” button to expand all updates.
    + Downloading an update will also show progress in the game column itself, so no need to expand it
    + Added new file format for saving updates: “GAMEID – GAMENAME – VERSION.pkg”
    + Fixed the bug of update links not exported correctly
    + Stability fixes

    Note: Application tested on:
    Windows XP 32Bit + .NET 3.0 installed
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit + .NET 3.0 installed
    Windows Vista 32Bit Home Premium

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    wavecamtu Guest
    I use Winxp sp3 32bit + .net 2.0 sp2 + .net 3.0 sp2 + .net 3.5 + .net 4.0 but i have prob when run PS3Updater. I run it well on Win7 + .net 4.0.

    Here is the prob: PS3 Game Detector has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    EventType: clr20r3 P1: ps3gameupater.exe P2: P3:4d5e7e74 P4: P5: P6:4889dee7 P7:6ccb P8:1f P9:system.invalidoperationexception

    How i solve this prob? Thx so much!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest

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    Nice tiny but very useful app. Here is a few bugs I've encounterred so far with latest (1.41) version:

    1. Download sometimes ends up prematurelly although claiming all downloads finished (no errors). Tried several times the same update with the same problem - it will cut out at around 15 -20 percent. Got the link to JDownloader and obtain the file without problems. [NPHB00092]

    2. When it is already downloading it will CRASH if you try to change to another mode (let's say to Search Game ID) or Search for another game ID while downloading one already.

    3. It's not possible to add multiply games via Search Game ID for a "batch" download and / or generating the download list. Currently you need to serach for games one by one.

    4. In the Search Game ID the labels for buttons are confusing - Get updates should bereally Search for updates and Check updates should be Download updates

    None of above is a major issue - just more or less inconvenient.


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    Rand023 Guest
    nice app i wish it had all updates even if your game parma.sfo says updated for game saves and when you delete data to install a new harddrive

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    costocart Guest
    would be nice if this thing can also auto download the original eboot and param.sfo, detect whether the game has 4gb files or not, has split4g function integrated into the software. in other words an all-in-one app for managing ps3 games. perhaps also include the ability for users to include a note to each games.

    good app anyway... good job mate.

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