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    All blackb0x releases, apart from the first (1.0b) have issues with filezilla. Anyone know of a good FREE ftp client that is compatible with blackb0x v1.2?

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    Dec 2009

    I'm using blackb0x with Filezilla and i never had a issue, but you can try FlashFXP.

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    which version of both are you using? i have issues with the 2 of them as well....

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    May 2010
    PsFtp doesn't work on my 60go. BbFtp have some problem with Filezilla since v1.2.

    No problem with FlashFtp ...

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    Dec 2009

    I'm using the latest version.

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    ok thanks i'll try updating my filezilla...

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    Flashfxp is the way to go, i also had problems with using different clients.

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