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    That is a nice find lol Maybe that screenshot is old?

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    Aug 2010
    Wow, Great way better than the last... No More Freezing.

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    yeah man props for seeing that! He's got 3 friends online! wow?

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    Scratch that, the date says 23/09/2010...

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    Just tested this. Confirmed that it works with multiple file transfers at once without freezing or locking up. This is a much more stable PS3 FTP server. It has no problems connecting. This should work well with many different FTP PC programs.

    The new one by blackbox doesn't tell you the PS3 IP, so keep CJPC's FTP app installed for that purpose until blackbox's is updated to support that feature.

    I'd like to see some animation or "screen saver" feature to prevent this from possibly burning into my TV.

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    i thought i was the only one that saw he has 3 friends online... maybe they know something we don't.

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    wow! he's signed into psn o.O do they know something we don't?

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    I just wanna know how he's on psn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plains203 View Post
    Today blackb0x
    Expect more tools from us in the future for the PS3.
    Lets wait and see...

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    Thanks works great! Very speedy and stable

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