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  1. #391
    Dorksk8tr3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    Is there somebody here who is jailbreaking with their TI-84? because the flash program i got on mine seems to not support the possibility to play the backups i make.

    If somebody do have a link for the flash "file" which allows me to play my own backups and/or ripped games id like to know.

    Thanks in advance!
    Here it is: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21584

  2. #392
    lando786 Guest
    Same problem as others are reporting. Getting Failed to retrieve directory error in FileZilla. Went step by step. Odd thing is it appeared randomly as I was uploading perfectly earlier today. Any attempt to stop the FTP server freezes the PS3 having to hard boot back and have the same error. CJPC, are there any plans to make this Open Source so others can contribute to this app? It's pretty much the most useful out there I'm sure others can contribute great things to this application.

  3. #393
    dennis1 Guest
    I am a Total Commander use the ftp-server, 800-900 kb / s.

    You go faster? This is acceptable?

  4. #394
    Fusseltuch Guest
    I'm using Filezilla with my Laptop (100 Mbit's Network Adapter) and i have 11 MB/s

  5. #395
    dennis1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Fusseltuch View Post
    I'm using Filezilla with my Laptop (100 Mbit's Network Adapter) and i have 11 MB/s
    Wow!!! Thanks your tip!

  6. #396
    B1oH4z Guest
    it is acceptable if you are using a wifi-connection (12MBit/s), for lan you should have something between 12MByte/s (100MBit) and 30-120Mbyte/s(GBit, depending on the HDDs involved)

  7. #397
    lusal Guest
    Filezilla works fine. PASV mode OFF and 1 connection at a time. I'm getting speeds of around 12MB/sec on most larger files.

    It's not too bad considering I'm using an old IBM T61 laptop to transfer files.

  8. #398
    lando786 Guest
    Well for the FTP Server Errors I found that deleting the application from the XMB and reinstalling it from USB makes it works again. SO I guess this could be a temporary work around for users experiencing this error.

  9. #399
    SatanX2112 Guest
    WS-FTP has worked perfectly and fast. Any fails and it re-attempts the file upload. They have a 30-day eval...

  10. #400
    Fr33m4n Guest
    This is a neat program but I'm experiencing a lot of dropped connections. Might be cause I'm using Wifi, but still. Any chance that there will be an update and a more stable release?

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