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Thread: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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    daniele610 Guest
    I HAVE A PROBLEM!! when i transfer "files" from pc to ps3, the transfer is very slow, about 800kb/s... i need more speed O_o.. is linked with ps3 in lan right? why transfer isn't "lan" speed? 20mb/s?

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    craidoug Guest
    If you've configured the FTP clients and your PS3 correctly it could be the same problem me and the few other people here have.
    The server could be running into race conditions or other ugly stuff like that on certain configurations or consoles..

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    unreal253 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hunterrr View Post
    You need a patched version..

    What are you using to JB your ps3? i have like every patch for every compatable board
    I used a Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium) port of Android to Jailbreak.. patched version of backup manager or of the actual psfreedom/groove/jb?

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    gollyzila Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Indeed there is, I removed your pic so others will have to find it, and yeah, it is activated via a simple button press (hidden menu)

    There are actually 2 easter eggs, one better than the last!
    I've tried every button on the PS3 controller and still haven't found either of the easter eggs. A little help please?

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    dieselboyx Guest
    Anyone else experiencing tons of disconnections? I've tried 3 clients and all have this issue, over wifi and lan.

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    lundman Guest
    I get about 23MB/s when transferring, cable connected directly to PC (no internet then) in both directions. I use FXP.One, but admittedly I had to change it a bit due to the limited capabilities of PS3 FTP program. Also found if your connection fail for any reasons, the best thing is to quit the program and launch it again. Stopping service or re-connecting can make the PS3 hang.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dieselboyx View Post
    Anyone else experiencing tons of disconnections? I've tried 3 clients and all have this issue, over wifi and lan.
    Filezilla, set to 1 connection, and active.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I really hope we get a more stable version released. This one randomly stops working sometimes.

    Why not print the required username on the screen when you start the app? Would be nice to get a manual password for those who share their wireless connection.

    The best client I've used so far is FileZilla on Windows. Make sure to go into the settings panel and select the "fallback to active mode" option in the passive section.

    Using a higher number of simultanious connections causes the PS3 FTP app to freeze up. Use no more than 2. If you can't get it to connect anymore, exit the FTP app on the PS3 and open it again, if that doesn't work, then restart the PS3.

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    dieselboyx Guest
    Maybe someone can help me with my Cat5 lan from PC to PS3 slow transfer problem.

    I have a dell 1525 with marvell yukon gigabit nic with Windows 7 Ultimate and tap out at ~1.3 MegaBytes per second or 13 MBit. This is too slow, as I can achieve around 1MB over wifi.

    Is there a setting on my nic that I have to adjust or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Update: I have connected both PC and PS3 to router via ethernet and set it up as post #277 indicated and now I am seeing 10 megabytes per second. This is 10x faster than what I was seeing on wifi, so I'm much happier now.

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    gollyzila Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by samjb View Post
    Using tools made by gibbed for the pc and xbox360 you can mod Just Cause 2 by extracting and modifying the .bin files located in the .arc's.

    I quickly made a 'mod' to change the price of the blackmarket items within the game.
    Exactly which arc file did you modify? Have you tried installing Just Cause Mods on the PS3 version?

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