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Thread: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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    ragnar Guest
    check your settings and make sure its only on 1 connection. mine was set to 2 connections by default so it would try and connect twice to download 2 files at once etc but i found this way it kept timing out. i set it to one connection and it worked flawlessly.

    i transfered a 40gb of FF13 from my internal drive to my external drive with the ftp program and it worked fine

    now got 40gb of ff13 playing off my external drive

    i'm fairly sure this should confirm that you can get games to work on your external if you transfer this way. cause ff13 would not backup onto the external straight from backup manager, but after ripping it to the internal hd, then transfering via ftp to external drive it works fine now.

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    doorman Guest
    Well it all depends on if the game contains single files over 4GB in size. Those games won't work from external because external is formatted fat32 and it doesn't support files bigger than 4GB.

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    adr990 Guest
    Secret Menu Easter Egg

    hehe... found it on accident. Didn't know there would be one at all.

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    boob4me Guest
    can anyone confirm this method to work with heavy rain running off ext.hdd, does this game contain files over 4gb? I dont understand? games 20+gb will run from ext.hdd if the have files less than 4gb. maybe we can put together a list of these games so everyone can start putting games on ext.hdd not having to worry if they will load or not!

    thanks and happy hacking everyone!

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    doorman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by taladas20 View Post
    Guys the later ps3 lack hardware for emulation, it's not going to happen any time soon hence the pcsx2 port.
    That was my thought as well but then I noticed a PS2SoftEmu.self file on there as well. It would seem maybe they have a software emu loaded on there? Maybe for PSN PS2 games?

    Quote Originally Posted by boob4me View Post
    can anyone confirm this method to work with heavy rain running off ext.hdd, does this game contain files over 4gb?
    You are confusing the size of ALL of the files that make up the game with whether or not any of those single files is 4GB or larger in size. If a game contains ANY single file greater than 4GB, then it needs to go on internal drive for now. Fat32 doesn't support single file sizes over 4GB, window 7 will actually tell you when transferring to a fat32 drive if it runs into a file bigger than 4GB. That's how I found out about killzone 2 and hawx2 needing to go on internal drive... Killzone 2 has at least one file that is 6.7GB.

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    boob4me Guest

    ps3 swiss army knife[S.A.K.]

    Awhile back I wrote a tut on S.A.K. this program was a os for ps3 back in the day which aloud you to back up ps3 games on pc, Does anyone have a backup of a game on their pc from this os program that can try to transfer to ps3 using this ftp app and see what happens. I realize we don't have other os anymore [thaks geohot] I just thought someone might find something new that hasnt come up yet. Just a thought! thanks and happy hacking everyone

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    RaffieKol Guest

    -You Most Have Your PS3 Jailbroke
    -You Most Have PS3 FTP Server Insalled

    After Hour I Got It Working With A Lan Cable/CrossOver Cable with my PS3 Directily Hooked Up To My PC.

    I will Make a better guide but heres how a some simple steps

    1. You Need To Bridge you PS3 To Your PC

    If you dont know how to bridge here is video I found on youtube that shows you this is not my video, so all the credit goes to the maker

    2. After you make the bridge make sure you connect your PS3 To Your PC With The Lan Cable

    3. You Need To Enter Your PS3 Network Setting Manually To Do This Go To You Network Settings On PS3 and select

    -Internet Connection Settings
    and set up

    You Need To Enter Your IP, Subnet,Router,DNS Settings Manully (make sure you use you routers ip address is what you use for Router and DNS settings it is most likely ( linksys) or (
    This Is How Mine Looked
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Router : (This will depend on you router:
    Primary DNS: (Always the same as default router)
    Everything else as is (make sure UPnP Is On)

    4. After you do a test connection and pass both IP Address and Internet Test You are all setup to use PS3 FTP

    5. Now You Need To Install FireZilla Client:

    6. After you install firezilla make sure to Start The PS3 FTP Server on the PS3

    7. Now Start FileZilla For The
    Host: use your IP Address That Is Showing On The Screen Of The PS3
    Username: FTPD12345
    Password: 123 (or whatever you like)
    Port: 21
    and hit Quick Connect

    That It You Can Now See Your PS3 On Your PC with it directly hooked up for faster transfer speeds.

    Also real quick optional tutorial:

    If you want to really avoid having you PS3 online you need to get your PS3 Block Your PS3 Mac Address From Your Router

    To Get Your PS3 Mac Address On Your PS3 Go to:

    - Network Settings
    - Settings and Connection Status List
    - Write down you PS3 MAC address (dont share this online)
    - Go to you PC and get in to your router or
    - Find You Access Resections section in your router each router is different, and restrict you PS3 Mac Address From Going Online (you have to use the mac address not IP) by downing this you do not have to worry about your PS3 updating while you online

    I hope this helps some people or at least sets you on the right path

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    Darkzero51521 Guest
    If you edit the param.sfo, then edit the patch.dat with the new version, it still prompts you for update. Then the next time you check the files, they are back to their original version number. I'm not too sure what the deal is with that.

    Anyways, does anyone know what file stores all of your games that are loaded on the XMB?

    EDIT: Nevermind i figured it out. I got infamous on my XMB menu but it wont load for obvious reasons.

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    thejindesan Guest

    Where are the package installer files?

    I want to be able to use FTP to return my system back to virgin leaving no traces of JB after experimenting with groove a bit.

    I understand you can erase the HDD /LAUN12345 folder and all of the games with it.. In addition to deleting the 3 .dat files which upload to PSN to show games played.


    My question is when you do the step that installs Packages after first boot with groove/jailbreak, where are those files installed and how do you clean them up?

    Or at this point am i better off installing a clean new hard drive for all jailbreak experimentation be the cleanest way? then replace the original hard drive when done?

    ps. i have also blocked in the firewall connections to:

    since the ps3 connects to these even when not signed into PSN. Althought i will just fake out my gateway to something invalid.

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adr990 View Post
    Secret Menu Easter Egg
    Indeed there is, I removed your pic so others will have to find it, and yeah, it is activated via a simple button press (hidden menu)

    There are actually 2 easter eggs, one better than the last!
    Quote Originally Posted by thejindesan View Post
    My question is when you do the step that installs Packages after first boot with groove/jailbreak, where are those files installed and how do you clean them up?
    It's dev_hdd0/game/TITLEID , where TITLEID is the id of the Package you installed, ie FTPD12345 for the ftp app, LAUN12345 for the Backup Manager etc!

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