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    MorPs3Kng Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZexMarquies01 View Post
    So yeah, you either need to a FAT32 External HDD...or

    Click start. Click RUN. Type CMD. Then type this. X: /FS:FAT32 then hit Enter. replace X with the letter of your external HDD. Depending on your Operating system, you may have to type in "format /FS:FAT32 X:" instead.
    That won't work in all Windows versions if the partition is larger than 32GB. At least in 7 it will start and look like it's working but at the end it will laugh at you and say too bad. There are free alternatives out though like Easeus Partition Master. Unless you're running 64bit which isn't a feature of the free version but I just use it in a VM session and it works fine.

    Anyway, my question is whether or not the Blu-Ray drive is accessible when using the FTP program. If not is that something that is possible to incorporate? Maybe have it mounted as part of the ftp startup. The terminology may be wrong but you get the idea.

    Oh forget my previous question. I reread the readme and it states "• Full Read access to "dev_bdvd"" so I guess that answers that. I'm assuming that's the Blu-Ray drive.

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    ragnar Guest


    what files do i need to move to take backed up games from the internal HDD to move them to a HDD on my computer?

    only limited room on my internal drive and this will let me swap and change backed up games (hopefully)

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    sekemc Guest
    Just a tip that I thought I would share with everyone, I decided to see if WinSCP (http://winscp.net/eng/index.php) would have an easier time communicating with the PS3 FTP server then Filezilla. After logon I have not once been disconnected by the server nor has the server frozen and had to be restarted. I have also transferred files to look at from my PS3 to my PC without any issues also. Not sure if anybody else would like to give this a shot if they are having issues with any other FTP Clients.

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    Da Teej Masta Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by RaffieKol View Post
    Can anyone please explain how to set up the PS3 to the PC through your lan?

    I have a crossover cable but when i hook it up to my PC Its just says Unidentified Network therefore I cant get an IP Address to Work..

    Can Anyone please Help on the steps to set it up if you have a crossover cable thanks...
    The fastest way would be to just directly connect your PS3 to your computer. You PS3 and PC are auto sensing and don't need crossover cables to make a direct connection. Try this method and see if it works:

    Connect PS3 and PC directly via Ethernet.

    Make you PC static IP, subnet, gateway, dns

    Make your PS3 static IP, same subnet, gateway, and dns as the PC. Make sure to enable UPnP.

    I use FlashFXP for ftp and have it set up like this:


    Make sure passive is not checked, it runs much faster. I'm getting speeds of 24MBps.

  5. #245
    hacked2123 Guest
    ROFL! Found the debug:
    "Thank you but our princess is in another castle."
    "Check printf"

    CJPC, Why does option zero cause a system crash?

  6. #246
    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sekemc View Post
    I think the payload that is used for the exploit is messing with these functions, cause after executing the exploit my 60 GB launch PS3 is not able to read ps2 disc's as they don't appear on the XMB, and all the memory card functions are gone. Of course they come back after a reboot if you don't execute the exploit again.
    One of the things the patch does is change the file open from "category_game.xml" to "category_game_tool2.xml", causing it to read a different XMB configuration from flash (the one designed for the test kit that has the install package option). However, most likely this one doesn't include the PS2 features.

    If you have write access to /dev_flash, you could probably modify the xml file to include both sets of options (although you run the risk of wrecking something I guess)...

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    Maniac2k Guest
    It seems the ftp server locks up if you transfer a lot of small files with full speed. I just limited download speed to 500 kb/s and the server just downloaded a few thousand files without any problems.

    I'm currently searching for a possibility to order the queue of Filezilla to get the small files first. This way i could download the small ones with limited speed and if Filezilla reaches the bigger ones i could deactivate the speed limit.

  8. #248
    tremendazo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    ROFL! Found the debug:
    "Thank you but our princess is in another castle."
    "Check printf"

    CJPC, Why does option zero cause a system crash?
    Yeah, i found a couple of weird stuff looking through DEV flash, I saw a file called Big fart1 and lil fart lol. Seriously.

  9. #249
    deva5610 Guest
    Like a few others here I was having problems getting past the "List" command in my FTP client. I was using my laptop directly connected to the PS3 via ethernet. I was also on the internet using my lappys built in WiFi.

    After disabling the wifi adaptor in the Control Panel (NFI why I tried this!) my FTP client connected straight away.

    Just something to try

  10. #250
    lundman Guest
    Not sure why you guys talk about getting cross-over cables, most new equipment these days are Auto-MDIX. Including PS3.

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