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Thread: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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    PatricF Guest
    haha yes I know how to answer your question^^

    Backup Manager and any other application is still installed and you can see it in XMB but you can't start it because you can't run unsigned code on a non-jailbreaked console. So no, you can't upgrade to 3.42 and still run unsigned code. Maybe later when/if there comes a hack for 3.42 but not now sorry.

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    RaffieKol Guest
    Can anyone please explain how to set up the PS3 to the PC through your lan?

    I have a crossover cable but when i hook it up to my PC Its just says Unidentified Network therefore I cant get an IP Address to Work..

    Can Anyone please Help on the steps to set it up if you have a crossover cable thanks...

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    Darkzero51521 Guest
    I second this. Someone in this topic said they had used a crossover cable, i can't get that to work.

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    Tsusai Guest
    If you're using a crossover cable, you have to open up your network properties and manually set an IP address (PC and PS3).

    FYI: You automatically get IP addresses from Internet modems and routers, but not from your PS3 XD

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    pngo Guest
    After having struggled a bit, I set my ps3 to Europe (which is the proper region the ps3 is in and probably comes from) and the application started... no more "no request event" error, problem solved.

    Thanks for this app and for letting me know it should work on debug ps3s, it made my day...

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    RaffieKol Guest
    Thanks I will google how to Setup an IP Address manually.

    Also for every one that does not have a crossover lan cable you can make one yourself by googling : DIY Crossover Cable

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    HellReborn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by simonk83 View Post
    Do you have it set to Active mode (not passive)?
    That is probably my exact problem, Thanks, ill do a little searching on how to switch it

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    sammaz Guest

    Big Grin JAP games are now working on NTSC!

    I just transfered BLJS10045 (King of fighters JAP) over to my NTSC PS3 (only 855 MB) and it plays perfectly from Internal HDD.

    Am I wrong or did the psgroove also unlock regions?

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    ModderFokker Guest did know ps3 was region free ..right ? At least when it comes to games.

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    hak8or Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by samjb View Post
    Using tools made by gibbed for the pc and xbox360 you can mod Just Cause 2 by extracting and modifying the .bin files located in the .arc's.

    I quickly made a 'mod' to change the price of the blackmarket items within the game. I havent tried it with other games yet but Oblivion has a fairly extensive OBLIVION.INI file that is easily edited.

    Uncharted has a file called prototypes.txt that lists several hundred options, looks mostly related to sound though. Another looks like you can change the camera position during cutscenes.

    Is there a thread that people are discussing modifying or editing games?
    I am also interested in this, as I am eager to get some "mods" for the ps3 going

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