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Thread: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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    hayman Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by kipper5k View Post
    Speedtest result

    from PC to PS3 using Total commander,

    a 5.2GB file transferred at 750MB (megaByte) per minute, do the math, its fast

    no errors either
    could you please tell us how to setup total commander, what kind of you router you use? please help

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    lundman Guest
    Also I get:

    [session] sending 'LIST '
    [session] data transfer failed to start: 550 File system error (stat ENOTMOUNTED)
    [session] setclose '550 File system error (stat ENOTMOUNTED)'
    So I guess one of the attached devices is not present. There is a disk in the drive, and HDD inside, so not sure why.

    Oh I see, the "LIST" command can not handle any arguments, if you go

    LIST -l

    it gives error as it attempts to process "-l" as filename. Heh

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    iGoTiT4FrEe Guest
    This is great news , can't wait till we fast forward 6 months down the track with all the goodies that could be coming, thanks for the app

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    samjb Guest
    Using tools made by gibbed for the pc and xbox360 you can mod Just Cause 2 by extracting and modifying the .bin files located in the .arc's.

    I quickly made a 'mod' to change the price of the blackmarket items within the game. I havent tried it with other games yet but Oblivion has a fairly extensive OBLIVION.INI file that is easily edited.

    Uncharted has a file called prototypes.txt that lists several hundred options, looks mostly related to sound though. Another looks like you can change the camera position during cutscenes.

    Is there a thread that people are discussing modifying or editing games?

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    CODGlitcha Guest
    Does anyone know if ftp server is still usable if you have it installed, then upgrade to 3.42? can you still copy, delete etc the files and view them decryted?

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    PatricF Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CODGlitcha View Post
    Does anyone know if ftp server is still usable if you have it installed, then upgrade to 3.42? can you still copy, delete etc the files and view them decryted?
    No you need your PS3 jailbreaked for it to work obviously, otherwise this would have come out ages ago.

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    mohp Guest
    i have not had the time to read all of the post, but with this app can i transfer games i have downloaded on my pc to my ps3.

    And if yes is there a specific folder were the game goes in?


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    CODGlitcha Guest
    well when you update your installed files i.e pkgs, saves don't get REMOVED!

    now my question is If i install ftp on 3.41, then update to 3.42, it still should be there as people on 3.42 have backup manager still installed, now can you still use the ftp program meaning can you run it, copy, delete etc and view the hdd contents and lastly replace the contents.

    You my friend have no idea how to answer my question but thanks for trying, anyone who knows about the ftp and has installed it and is on 3.42 can they please confirm.


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    parasven Guest
    if you can't put the ps3 into dev mode you can't use homebrew, what you are trying to do will not work..

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    Dajsman Guest
    No, you need the device inserted and working in the ps3 when booting, to be able to load Backup Manager/FTP server. It won't be recognized if you have 3.42 becuase Sony has restricted it in that firmware.

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