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Thread: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pngo View Post
    It quits on my debug with a "Game quits: no event request" error. Could we get this PKG for Debug users to make things easier?
    It shouldn't - and, it is a PKG made for anyone. Was tested with a PS3 TOOL. However it is worth noting that if you have a test, cellftp.self is more reliable - and you get the same file access.

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    tremendazo Guest
    Just wanted to say Thank you to creator of this program! This thing rocks!

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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by atlask2 View Post
    edit: after a 1.4go file transfer , ps3ftp stop connection , and now every time i start the app , i can see xternal/libsre.sprx on ip address. need to reboot the ps3
    Use Filezilla if you are not already. Click on File-->site manager put in ps3 address, port 21. Logon type Normal. Use FTPD12345 as user and input anything for password. Then click on transfer settings (within site manager), select active box, and check limit number of connections...should already be 1 (this is key). Connect and away u go.

    When connection times out, you do not have to reboot or exit ps3 ftp program just hit run start again. It should not timeout anymore when u set up filezilla with the above settings.

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    asandhu Guest
    Hmm not sure why this is happening: Everytime I start the app, in the IP Address field on the PS3 it shows "xternal/libsre.sprx". Anyone know how to fix this?

    EDIT: hahahaha wow I feel like a complete retard. Didn't have the ethernet cable plugged in because I didn't want to go online with backup manager. Disregard my stupid question.

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    Mikesch Guest
    Hey CJPC,

    really great tool, works well and I get really fast transfer speeds using FileZilla with your recommended settings. One thing that bugs me though is that I can't quit the program in a normal fashion, no matter what I do upfront. When I try to stop the service, the PS3 freezes, same result when I try to exit the program via xmb, even when I try to just shut down the PS3, it will always take longer than normal to shut down and gives 3 beeps.

    Is that normal behavior for everyone, since you mention it is still very buggy, or is there some kind of settings I could try to prevent that? Using FW 3.41 of course and like I said, using FileZilla with the settings (active mode, 1 connection) you mentioned.

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    ionbladez Guest
    not sure what is going on with you guys with those bugs, but I can run it, start it, stop it, and exit fine. 0 crashing. I'm using the standard "VGA out" as opposed to everyone else (maybe?)

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    imtoodvs Guest
    lol... Ionbladez, quit being a show off. good to see you posting bro.

    has anyone tried flash ftp, that was my favorite back in the old xbox 1 days. i dont have my blackcat yet so i cant play with you guys yet.

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    lowskill Guest
    everything works fine except "ending the ftp service" but you can simply switch back to xmb the ftp service is stopped and the program is closed. Really nice!

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    peshkohacka Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Well the 1.6 SDK has been available on torrents for quite some time, however, the leaked version doesn't include a compiler so you may want to hunt down the 1.92 SDK that is complete.

    Perhaps CJPC will look into fixing some of the bugs as time permits, but right now he's working on something else that will help out a lot.
    I'll try thanks for the heads up. Hopefully later on this year there will be more convenient way to write a homebrew apps.

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    KickYoAss Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
    has anyone tried flash ftp, that was my favorite back in the old xbox 1 days. i dont have my blackcat yet so i cant play with you guys yet.
    flash fxp. This program's great, especially when you need to transfer from one ftp address, to another.

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