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  1. #101
    atlask2 Guest
    Thanks CJPC !!! you're a master !

    But where is the princess ?

  2. #102
    humi Guest
    of course, you need a JB/Groove/aso...

  3. #103
    waleed Guest
    how long before we see ps1, 2, psp emultors?

  4. #104
    randalf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by talruum View Post
    anyone just tried weird things like install a debug firmware on jb retails? even a downgrade?

    yes, System Update detect as the update fw debug even a lower version, (2.00, for example) but displays error when checking the data, and abort the installation en el 70 %, only allows us to install fw the same version of retail that we, in this case 3.41->341.

  5. #105
    Bishoff Guest
    Does anyone use FireFTP in Firefox? I use it to access my xbox 1 but I can't connect to ps3... anyone else use it and is successful?

  6. #106
    HZoooof Guest
    thanks a lot my friends for answer.. I hope I will get my JB soon as possible.

    thanks a lot !

  7. #107
    Tender Phantom Guest
    Okay now who is going to be kind enough to point people in the right direction on how to setup the SDK

  8. #108
    lowskill Guest
    Very good job, hope somebody improves this thing a bit and it will work like a charm.

  9. #109
    j0hnny Guest
    well its really buggy like you said

    transferred like 3k files and now it aborts the connection all the time

  10. #110
    Gunner54 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    I was talking about the readme for my app - I have no idea what your talking about?
    CJPC, do you know how the Backup Manager mounts games from the HDD into /dev_bdvd/ I'm attempting to make my own Backup Manager. I cant find any function that 'mounts' or replaces the /dev_bdvd/ location.

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