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    how are you guys reading/writing to the flash? was a hole found?

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    Interesting development indeed... Nice to see some people trying to do this. That remind me of the old PSP days (I got one of the first (1.00 FW)), nobody thought that a custom firmware was possible then but only a few months after the exploit was found, some people started to modify stuff and now we have some 10 different types of PSP fw.

    A few months seem to be a lot of time, but remember that the exploitable PSP FW (1.5) had more than enough features, so adding features wasn't a neccesity in the first place. When I read about the missing BR playability I'm pretty sure once the firmware get cracked the development will expode

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    Quote Originally Posted by ez345 View Post
    how are you guys reading/writing to the flash? was a hole found?
    No, depends what you mean. We are using a combo of a PS3 Dev unit, as well as pulling the NAND flashes off the PS3, and dumping them in an external programmer.


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