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  1. #31
    nufcfan Guest

    Same error here too

    I'm getting the same 8002A212 error using PS3.ProxyServer.GUI. Had no issues with it since skipping the 3.21 update and it was working fine last night on 3.15.

    Since I've got in from work tonight I can't get logged on.

    Anybody got any suggestions?

  2. #32
    D3S4NN Guest
    this will be interesting...

  3. #33
    Mbb Guest
    I'm getting 8002a212 error, what's the problem?

  4. #34
    NisteR Guest
    it not works for me either

  5. #35
    laggmaster Guest
    hmm gonna try out this tool... hopefully its just another proxy... oh wait this one sounds noob friendly, this should be fun.

  6. #36
    dc740 Guest
    seems that everyone is having the same problems. even wih the proxy methods...

    I'll use wireshark to verify what's happening... seems like sony is blocking you if you don't update...

    What should you do?

    DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!!! whatever you do... DO NOT update. someone will find another fix... I'll look into it later

  7. #37
    BucN Guest


    same here guys, sony changed something.

  8. #38
    collirietto Guest


    lg5tool & ps3proxy don't work !!

  9. #39
    SCE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BucN View Post
    same here guys, sony changed something.
    Million dollar question: Where is Geohot?

  10. #40
    ruud91 Guest


    they just had to take the last thing away -.-'

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