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Thread: PS3 Firmware Check Remover: PS3NoUpdate v3.0 and Installer

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    Osirisx Guest
    i give up with this bypassing marlarky.

    i've used the new tool posted here/ edited the file in the dnsconf folder to have the ip of my pc/ added the pcs ip to the primary dns on the ps3 and used the uk 315 and 312 and even the EU update things and still no luck.

    thanks tho.

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    dc740 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by canabal View Post
    I love how he says check if anything else is using port 80... that is the http port that web browsers use, lol.
    port 80 is NOT used as web browsers. it's used by the web servers. google is your friend

    Your web browser is the http client. it connects to other http servers that use the 80 port. but that doesn't mean that the client (your web browser) uses the same port...

    What it says is that you should NOT ahve another web server running on port 80. it MUST be free in order to work.

    basically the program is a custom http server and a dns server (ports 80 and 53) good luck

    CodeKiller is right... I don't know why but skype uses port 80. close it, or change the port configuration inside skype. no other workaround posible.

    The people who can't run it, should post what they did, and the output of the program... most of the time the problems are repeated.

    frequent problems:

    Bind exception:
    You are using another program that uses port 80.

    Close the program that uses port 80 (like skype) and then run the app.

    Other exceptions:
    Most of the time, you forgot to run it as administrator.

    other questions:
    read the "README" file. memorize it, read it again... and double check everything... if you still have doubts, ask here

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    lerobotnono Guest

    Big Grin

    LoL this soft is for noobz

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    trasek Guest
    works great, no problems at all, thanks a lot!

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    indeed ... PORT 80 is in use by so let me say EVERYTHING. Bad choice!

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    oldschool400 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dc740 View Post
    Sony hasn't done anything like that in the past. And considering they already have screwed a really big portion of users with his linux removal, I really doubt about the possibility of being banned.

    Also... as you can clearly see, there is a ToS you have to agree before upgrading. I DON'T agree, so I choose not to upgrade... pretty simple...

    I don't think Is there is any point in the ToS that specifically says that you are not allowed to use the PSN if you don't upgrade. I should double check
    I've just checked the PSN's TOS, and indeed it doesnt say anywhere that any user is forbidden to access the PSN if one doesnt upgrade.

    However, while reading the TOS, I did find something rather disturbing:

    SCEA may provide others, including but not limited to its subsidiaries or affiliates, with information relating to your participation on PSN, including your communication and game play provided through PSN ("Information"). You hereby authorize SCEA to use, distribute, copy, display, and publish your Information for any legitimate business purpose, including tournaments and ranking, without payment to you. In addition, you will have the option to create, post, stream or transmit content such as pictures, photographs, game related materials, or other information through PSN to share with others ("User Material"), provided no rights of others are violated.

    To the extent permitted by law, You authorize and license SCEA a royalty free and perpetual right to use, distribute, copy, modify, display, and publish your User Material for any reason without any restrictions or payments to you or any third parties. You further agree that SCEA may sublicense its rights to any third party, including its affiliates and subsidiaries. You hereby waive all claims, including any moral rights, against SCEA, its affiliates and subsidiaries for SCEA or any other third party's use of User Material to the extent permitted by applicable law.

    By creating, posting, streaming, or transmitting any User Material, you represent and warrant that you have the appropriate rights to use, create, post, distribute, and transmit the User Material and to grant SCEA the foregoing license. You further agree to cooperate with SCEA in resolving any dispute that may arise from your Information or User Material. SCEA reserves the right to remove any Information or User Material at its sole discretion.
    What I read from this, was that $ony could use video footage of you playing, or voice clips from the online chat, or in fact, ANY video, music or photo is on your ps3, and use it/sell it and they don't need your permission. Also, upon furthur reading, I discovered that $ony can take all of your gamer info (PSN ID, friends list and messages) and sell them to 3rd parties without your consent.

    It almost seems as if there needs to be a Watchdog group to make sure that everyones legal rights are being maintained as it seems that $ony just doesnt give a crap.

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    thecoogster Guest
    Look at the t&c's for the vidzone or whatever its called. they can sell your soul after you sign up for that.

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    ClasHPRO Guest


    does it work on windows 7 ?

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    dc740 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    indeed ... PORT 80 is in use by so let me say EVERYTHING. Bad choice!
    haha I love this comments! is NOT a choice! is a MUST! you really have no idea of how it's working, right?

    let me put it easier for you: when you install the application, and configure the PS3... Your machine becomes the DNS and HTTP server, so when the PS3 wants to know the IP of any address, it will ask the application... then the application tells the PS3 that the site where the ps3update.txt file is, is your machine! The PS3 connects to your machine on port 80. (see? you can't choose where to put the http server. cause you can't change the ps3 firmware)...after that, the application will return to the PS3 a "fake" ps3update.txt file... so the PS3 will think it's updated to the latest version...

    it's really easy. good luck. I hope this explanation will stop the complains about the port number. we CAN'T choose which port we want to be listening on... if we do, the PS3 won't find the http server (doh)...

    we could use port forwarding to listen in a higher port, but anyway, all the traffic from your 80 port would be forwarded to another port. and you still need the 80 port free.

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    mckarlsson Guest
    nice prog, i will test later


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