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Thread: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed

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    PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed

    A few weeks back PS3 Firmware 4.0 was released, and recently French PlayStation 3 developer UpSilon has made available a dump of the dev_flash contents for others who wish to examine it alongside a previous version below.

    Download: PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump / PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.73 Dev_Flash Dump

    To quote, roughly translated: UpSilon, French developer already known to have deciphered some files on the console of Nintendo 3DS, ext today through his blog, the dump dev_flash firmware 4.00.

    For information, dev_flash is a very sensitive part of the PS3 NAND which contains many key information such as firmware, the numbers of encryption running games and other programs, or other important files firmware. The dump of this part could therefore, if a developer managed to unpack, to facilitate the establishment of a CFW 4.00.

    Upsilon also announced it has started working on the reactivation of the Service Mode (Jailbreak) on 3.56 + firmware.

    From UpSilon's page: Here is a dump of the version 4.00 dev_flash.

    I had previously leaked dump my firmware 3.73 (Available for download in the "Download"), but my site was still under construction and I lost much time to update it due to the time I devote to my studies (Terminal LAC) and I did not have much time was devoted to the scene.

    During the holidays I am responsible, but I will try to give as much information as possible waiting for a response from Kakaroto. I shared these dumps to get the attention of developers to program an emulator we dev_flash.

    For those who want to test dumps on 3.41JB with "FIRM JaiCrab Load" because you can try on my side, I used "CFWLoad 1.0" in 3.41JB (PL3). Emulation looked heavy, I could not leave the program because after a few seconds the console would have been totally blocked. I thought at first the problem was my jailbreak. However, this was not the case, because after I tried with a 3.41 dump (edit) and loading it well.

    I finally concluded that the emulator should help the dev_flash home to work, for this reason that when you make a NAND emulated with SHIFT it resets everything to ultimately make a regular MAJ that will change the real dev_flash your console. Attention, the emulator does not emulate completely dev_flash stored in your USB drive. (Internal HDD etc ...).

    If developers are interested in these dumps, I hope they will do something. I for my part I work on the Factory / Service Mode firmware higher than 3.56 and the Nintendo 3DS.

    [imglink=|PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed][/imglink]
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    Natepig Guest
    Its good to see another talented dev who seems interested in the Ps3.

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    landon Guest
    If I understand corectly this, he mean that on a PS3 in CFW 3.41/3.55 & using a hombrew which allow-us to mount a dev_flash fw image, we could load the dev_flash 4.00 = the firmware 4.00 without installing-it !! just from a USB drive !! a virtual machine !!

    Like using this Jaicrab USB Firmware loader:

    But is this really possible, was it done before !!! launching OFW 4.00 without installing-it !! it seems to be so hard in my mind, am I wrong ?

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    Brenza Guest
    don't care about 3ds, but men, good work!!!

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    sangimed Guest
    A freakin' good news thanks Mister Upsilon

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    cfwprophet Guest
    NO !! I can tell you from my work. Yes you can emulate but not everything is working in case of some files are only loaded douring boot up and cant be changed after it or with a cold boot.

    You can do some tests and exermine it but a COMPLETE emulation over a existing fw doesnt work. And its not only dev_flash !! Some files need to be placed onto the hdd and some of them need to be placed into the flash.

    You can emulate (i will say) the half of the flash but not the hdd part. Its more likely you can do some mods on files and quick test them even if your not on real FW 4.0.

    Good for dev's and modders to create the first steps and parts of a 4.0 CFW

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    technodon Guest

    Stick Out Tongue Video: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump for Demo / Kiosk Units

    Shortly after the PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash dump by UpSilon I have posted my method and video (below) for PS3 Demo / Kiosk console owners.

    Download: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump for PS3 Demo / Kiosk (150.85 MB - dev_flash-KIOSK400.rar)

    WARNING: Modifying dev_flash can be very dangerous! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    For this you will need two hard drives a e3 flasher or similar device to downgrade your PS3 (assuming that your on firmware 4.00 and you have an e3 flasher)
    • downgrade to 3.55 using the downgrade tools from e3
    • once booted back into the xmb turn off the console
    • swap hard drives turn on the system, press the PS button and you will be asked to reinstall the firmware
    • place the pup file from the e3 downgrade tools in the normal PS3/UPDATE usb folder and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the firmware
    • then install dev_blind.pkg & Blackb0x FTP from install packages
    • run dev_blind then BlackB0x and FTP into the console
    • goto /dev_blind delete everything and replace them with the files included in the download when finished copying
    • press the ps button and the console should reboot and and ask to reinstall the firmware again, switch off the console and swap the hard drive back
    • turn on the console press the ps button twice
    • the console should boot back into 3.55 Rogero
    • goto system update and install 4.00 OFW
    • once installed turn the console off again and swap hard drives back and you should boot into a modified 4.00 kiosk firmware.

    NOTE: This only allows installation of retail signed packages and is not modified to run unsigned code..

    To Unlock the XMB: Hold L1+R1+Select+Square simultaneously. When the security settings icon is selected. It will ask for you to input a code (four digit code). Enter 0000 if that doesn't work try 0219. With a video here:

    Quick note: If you want to play games online you need to download and install the update via install package files cause kiosk doesn't download game updates. I just use charles to hijack the links and download them from a second PS3. Or you could boot the game and download them on 3.55 before you copy dev_flash and update to 4.00

    Can install retail packages on 4.00 KIOSK firmware, can't mod to run unsigned code yet.. maybe you can?

    [imglink=|Video: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump for Demo / Kiosk Units][/imglink]
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    cfwprophet Guest
    To run unsigned code you first need JailBreak mode cause this puts your PS3 in Debug mode which allows you to run and instal debug signed stuff. After that you need keys to decrypt files, change them and resign it. Without the 4.0 keys you cant decrypt, change and resign them. Sooo...what you have done is on the lowest level and can be done from every one. No offence meant.

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    lionsfan420 Guest
    Not to mention he installed a DUPLEX PSN release. LMFAO!!!

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    technodon Guest
    yeah, i know. i just didn't know if people knew that it was possible to mod firmware 4.00 by modding dev_blind on 3.55 then swapping hard drives and updating to 4.00.

    will have sony breaking down my door tomorrow

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