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    ps3hen Guest

    I've decided to scrap the CEX-DEX project for my 4.00

    Quote Originally Posted by arktos View Post
    afaik rebug is a debug fw with retail coreos and they had to patch vsh to run fully on cex. if i can remember right, this crash problem also existed on the very first rebug pups.
    After doing some more reading and more understanding. And along with along with what arktos has said some other small things I've noticed about how the VSH works. I believe that the debug vsh.self is simply incompatible and only patching the vsh.self will fix it. Which I don't think is possible at the moment. I am sorry everyone. For those who are interested in what I've done so far, and want to do some experimenting, or just want to see it for them selves, PM me for the pup.

    I will continue adding features to my CEX based 4.00HFW

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    arktos Guest
    now what, its my fault? why not trying further with patching?

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    ps3hen Guest
    Its not your fault, you've just confirmed what I noticed and I honestly don't think I can do it.

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    HomebrewAnimal Guest
    very great work anyway ps3hen, this is closest thing to new CFW i seen in ages

    BTW: XMB FM dev has denied taking it from the acid guys , he has a pic to prove it.

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    PsDev Guest
    Hey do you got a AIM or MSN? I may know a way to continue this and back games up with out and actual backup manager.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You actually with the SDK 4.0 and a retail debug mix you can write and run apps on 4.0. But we have no keys sooo no lv1 or lv2 patches are possible to time. Everyone is talking about lv0.2, metldr and so on. Do even one of them think on the per_console_key ?

    Anyway of new keys from sony os and yada, yada with your per_console_key you every time can climp up the ladder and gain even all new keys.

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    i think that would be our best bet of revitalizing the scene. make a semi-noob friendly way to dump ones per console key on 3.55. but the thing is the devs who can do this don't share. look at the dev wiki for instance. the ppl who run that can already do all this stuff. the thing is though is that they won't ever release anything.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    We need to work together not against !! Even if we are wrong some times, it is not the bad also mistakes teach us something and we can do it next time better. Like now we finally have Software Downgrade via System Update Debug.

    Maybe i have something nice for the next days. No its not about 3.6+ games but something similar nice thing. But first i need to check something and find out how the other devs gen those eboot's which will run on 3.41/3.50/3.55 fw without new resigning.

    Got a wink and some teaching and will try this now in the next hours.

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    ps3hen Guest

    Cool PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) v2 Arrives, Adds Debug XMB Items

    Following up on the previous update of my PS3 4.00 Dev_Flash mod, today I've released version 2 of my PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware).

    Download: PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) v2

    Change Log:

    Version 2:
    • Adds "Debug XMB Items" to the XMB Column "PlayStation Network" (contains the Debug items found in this column, originally for DEX)
    • Removes the useless "PlayStation Plus" XMB item from the XMB Column "PlayStation Network"
    • Disables Cinavia DRM on all media except Blue-ray.

    Version 1:
    • Adds DeViL303's "XMB File Manager" to the XMB Column "Game"
    • Adds "/app_home/PS3GAME/" to the XMB Column "Game" (has no function at the moment, but is here for completeness)

    Installation Instructions are the same as before:

    1. Be on a firmware 3.55 or less
    2. Install the .pup through the XMB (Make sure you have a working hardware flasher as there is no other way to downgrade)

    Remember only retail signed .pkg can be installed with this. Have fun. THIS HFW WILL NOT ALLOW HOMEBREW!

    An important message for users upgrading from a QA Flagged console: If this console is updated to my 4.00HFW from a QA Flagged console, it will not be able to access the extra System Settings provided by QA Flagging. However all settings made with the QA Debug Settings will remain, EXCEPT "System Debug Update".

    Extra Credits: This HFW uses the "XMB File Manager" by DeViL303 which is a modification of Team Rebug's "Packages Manager".

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    miandad Guest
    great work, thx for update.. need more work on it to install unsigned pkg..

    hope soon it will be fix

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