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  1. #61
    ps3hen Guest
    I meant 'System Update Debug' was one of the QA flag Debug Settings which is reset. Sorry for the confusion

    Well we already have that, lv2 patching with bdemu.bin. lol just kidding, do you mean like the X360key. I haven't heard of any devs working on something like that.

    Just a question, how many people are actually using my dev_flash for their FW 4.00 ps3s. I just want to know if someone has found it useful.

  2. #62
    inginear Guest
    i'm curious about the lack of the ability to play self burned blu-rays too. i remember a trick for the original playstation was to color part of the pirated disc with a sharpie to get it to work. however i'm sure it wouldn't be that easy with this new technology.

  3. #63
    Xyth Guest
    Cause its more useful to store games on hdd and play from there. Blu-ray burners and bd disks still expensive.

  4. #64
    NTA Guest
    Blu-ray discs are way affordable I think. I got 20x 25gb for ~$20

    Also doesn't deank's program support blu ray as well as dvd burned games? -_-

    A burned a few games and they worked fine on dvd.

  5. #65
    Transient Guest
    Yeah, blu-ray burners and discs are quite affordable these days. I picked up 50 blank BD-R 25GB for ~50 cents per disc not long ago. The 50GB discs are more expensive, but even then we're only talking $5 per disc and most games aren't that big anyway. Plus rewriteable discs can be had in both 25GB and 50GB sizes making it only a one time purchase.

    Anyway, I don't think it's easy to hack the PS3's blu-ray drive. First you need someone who is an expert with BD firmware, which is probably rare enough in itself. Then from those people you need someone who understands the PS3 BD firmware as it is unique to the PS3. Probably only a few employees at Sony would have any knowledge of it. Maybe someone who is really gifted could figure it out, but it'd be quite the challenge.

    In the 360 scene, MS saved money by reusing retail DVD drives in their consoles. The 360 scene is lucky to have c4eva as he has knowledge of DVD firmware, which gives him a good starting point. He's also exceptionally gifted and fortunate that MS hasn't sent their legal team after him.

  6. #66
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Okay, so now that it's clear for everyone that system update debug will be reset (kinda figured that one), what are some other useful settings that might be a good idea to enable/disable before updating. I know I still have Np Environment set to RC and it seems like I have some dex files in my dev_flash where I thought it should be cex.

    Not sure how that happened. So yeah, I wonder which settings stay intact. Btw, I am aware that when I update to 4.0 I can't downgrade without a flasher. Thanks for the red light though.

  7. #67
    ps3hen Guest
    News I got debug settings to work without applications crashing, I'll post an update soon

  8. #68
    Bartholomy Guest
    Well, Transient, Mark Webber is well know to be an expert, about it. Try to contact him

  9. #69
    elser1 Guest
    i'll be trying your great work out hen.. i'm just waiting for my flasher to arrive before i update. cheers

  10. #70
    ps3hen Guest
    Before I move, on status update on getting "Debug Settings" on OFW 4.00. Its still a bit buggy, so more work needed there.

    I've managed to put my efforts into a .pup file, which should make the installation of my mod much easier. Download here http://depositfiles.com/files/lgx485sqa

    Also today I was on another site where user DeViL303 had released a beta of his XMB File Manager (substitute for Install Package Files, but a lot better) and DeViL303 theorized a FW 4.00 port was possible. So I took on the role on making the port for FW 4.00 and after posting it on that thread I integrated it into my firmware. So now I've upgraded my firmware mod and put into a .pup.

    Here's some new installation instructions(much shorter, I know isn't great):

    1/Be on a firmware 3.55 or less
    2/Install the .pup through the XMB (Make sure you have a working hardware flasher as there is no other way to downgrade)

    Remember only retail signed .pkg can be installed with this. Have fun.

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