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Thread: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Sure wish this worked as a softmod. Good progress either way

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    Ezio Guest
    It's a double check. Instead I would like to know how you can bypass it holding old signature since KaKaRoTo & other devs are trying to find it (without success so far).

    No, I don't agree with you. The new firmware doesn't block the possibility to show it, QA doesn't work on 3.60+ fw because the token is changed.

    The settings activated on QA menu work only till 3.56 fw, they don't work on 4.00. In the case you are right, then you should be able to downgrade via recovery mode directly from ofw 4.00 to 3.55 using nocheck dospiedra cfw 3.55 or rogero "downgrade" cfw 3.55 (if you activate QA flag on 3.55 fw and turn on system update debug setting before, of course), but I am enough sure you're not able to do it for reason I wrote up.

    Why don't you (or the guys here on forum with a ps3 and a flasher) test it? However I think it won't work.

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    ps3hen Guest
    Well I have tested it. The QA flag (set in CFW) stays on the ps3 even after updating to 3.60+ even though it is not the QA token for 3.60+, as when the console is downgraded back to 3.55, the button combo works with out having to re-flag the console.

    As for retaining the QA debug settings, past 3.60+ they aren't retained, they are reset. So If you enabled Debug System Update on 3.55 and updated to 3.60+ it is disabled and you're stuck on that FW unless you have a hardware flasher.

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    Ezio Guest
    It's is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the test.

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    Nabnab Guest
    QA works on higher firmware but it doesn't works on the way you think, they update the features of the PS3 retail but it still here with a different launching, for now i don't know exactly how to show it because i don't even try to work on it.

    Activated QA under 3.55 will keep activate up than 3.60+ (you misunderstand what i said) it's here but you can't use it like you want because Sony the direction of this one.

    Sure i'm not able to downgrade just like that, you need also to boot on it but as i said, the QA is here and activated, you still need to launch it, remember that you need to turn on the features and also do something to launch it and the process is different for a firmware up 3.60+ but not different than a under.

    About the NPDRM it's a lure on Sony (they didn't change that much, as far as i know, they update the checking but nothing about re-encrypt/re-sign, it's a lure to let you know that), if the devs stop talking, ask to a guy that lie many years and more works on it, maybe they would find it, also they don't check what actually the NPDRM need to be used.

    They don't try to find, they turn around, i said to PS3hen to test because he have a E3, i didn't say to somebody don't have the E3 to do it, by the way, actually all that don't help for what actually everybody searching but it's still interesting for some.

    PS3hen Thanks for the test and it's exactly what i was saying before but you can launch that but not from the older way, you need to find the next way.

    Trust me about the QA debug settings, it still here, i let you confirm this by changing the NP environnement and put sp-int (it would keep this environnement after the update) you can try also the 3D output/Home debug/etc... turned on and it would keep all that settings turned on

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    ps3hen Guest
    Well maybe only some of the settings are reset then. I know for sure Debug System Update is reset.

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    This is useful information! I don't have a flasher yet but I'm planning on updating, so It'd be interesting to see which settings are still there. Please post your findings.

    But the million dollar question is... what about system update debug?

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    Ezio Guest
    No, no setting works on 3.60+ fw.

    Nabnab Yes, I agree with your last post, it remains active because you modify a value of the eeprom, the fw updates don't touch it. I said before it doesn't work on 3.60+ fw (because the token used is revoked from 3.60 fw), and not as you said it is simply not shown on last ofw.

    PS: We are simply talking about it, this is clear.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Yes but don't try without flasher for now (or if you know that you can't downgrade yet)

    It works this way -> CFW3.41/3.55 install QA flag, Package and active the debug settings (as PS3hen said, they probably reset the debug software update but anyway is not related to the retail PS3 that works with the special PUP 3.60 downgrade, it works only for PS3 debug) for the rest of the settings if you activate all the debug settings options, everything are keep and safe in xmb background task (but you don't see the settings menu to desactive or activate like you want after a update)

    Second, you need to never restore the system files because it would overwrite the configuration/files and replace them by the default one (you would lost every activation settings/package installed)

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    br4insick Guest
    is anyone in the ps3 scene working on a disc emulator? Why can't we go back to the good old days and just burn blu-ray disc? I hate this "silent" ps3 scene, i'm bouts to buy a xbox 360.

    i know i'm in no grounds to speak since i've done absolutely nothing to the scene compared to these devs that work so hard. Its just irritating when i'm pro-ps3 and their ain't much in the hack world.

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