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    cfwprophet Guest
    Exermine the .xml`s it's really easy to add this. If you can't figure out i will help

    And for that you don't need the kiosk part. You can do this with official xml files of 4.0 without the need of resigning it.

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    technodon Guest
    oh right, lol..

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    Starlight Guest


    Looks like very interesting news on the firmware for the ps3 and nice work so far on this and nice news story on this PS3 News..

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    technodon Guest
    has anyone actually tested this? does the mod dev_flash swap drive thing actually work. it worked for me but i'm unsure if it worked for anyone elase. by work i mean booted into the xmb.

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    jitohurameshi Guest


    Where i can download it? I really need it, I have been looking for a long time.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    They are posted in the main article in case you missed the links.

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    Boltin13 Guest
    how can i watch the video ? also i have a demo ps3

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Can anyone please tell me what Upsilon means when he says he "leaked" the 4.00 dev_flash, like it was difficult to get or something, guys, anyone can just extract the dev_flash files from the pup of any newer firmwares, retail/debug/kiosk, no difference to extract, tools are available for that for a long time.

    I'm going to "leak" the debug 4.00 dev_flash on here too so we can have all the great dev_flash "leaks" in one thread!! I already "leaked" it in the other thread on here so might as well just let this PUPpy leak all over the place!

    Can I get a 30 page thread too? here's my leakage = http://www.multiupload.com/3HLK19DQYK

    Wtf, is someone extracting a PUP such big news to starved backupers now that the scene will start a thread over it. Seems you only need to say the word "keys" or "CFW" these days to start a 30+ page thread on every scene site from here to france!

    and before anyone asks me, No, I dont know if skyrim/batman can be booted using this, dev wiki says no but even the experts get it wrong sometimes!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Right NO ONE of the actual higher dev's told us ever that the PS3 use a UNIVERSAL SWITCH KEY !!!

    There for we're able to boot FW files of higher FW on a lower one

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    ps3hen Guest

    Big Grin Video: Adding 'Install Package Files' on PS3 4.00 Dev_Flash Mod

    Below is a video demonstrating my PS3 4.00 Dev_Flash modification, which simply allows users to install Retail signed package (PKG) files from the PlayStation 3 XMB.

    Note: This modification does not allow the installation / usage of unsigned content / PS3 homebrew etc. This is purely a convenience hack and is aimed for use by those who have hardware flashers which allow dual boot.

    After technodon's work creating a modified kiosk dev_flash which lets you install retail signed package files. The restrictions of having to use kiosk firmware inspired me to find a way to add "Install Package Files" for retail firmware.

    This is hack does the following things:
    • adds "★ Install Package Files" and "★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/" to "GAME" on the XMB (allowing the user to install retail package files anytime they want)
    • adds other debug functions which are small but still there
    • does not give access to "★ Debug Setting" (reasons for this are explained below)

    Installation instructions:

    This installation procedure is the similar to technodon's original dev_flash hdd swap procedure

    For this you will need two hard drives a e3 flasher or similar device to downgrade your PS3 (assuming that you're on firmware 4.00 and you have an e3 flasher)
    • downgrade to 3.55 using the downgrade tools from e3 (Of course when downgrading to 3.55 make sure you use a different hdd than the hdd which you were using 4.00)
    • once booted back into the xmb turn off the console
    • swap hard drives turn on the system, press the PS button and you will be asked to reinstall the firmware
    • place the pup file from the e3 downgrade tools in the normal PS3/UPDATE usb folder and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the firmware
    • then install dev_blind.pkg & Blackb0x FTP from install packages
    • run dev_blind then BlackB0x and FTP into the console
    • goto /dev_blind delete everything and replace them with the customised dev_flash
    • press the ps button and the console should reboot and and ask to reinstall the firmware again, switch off the console and swap the hard drive back
    • turn on the console press the ps button twice
    • the console should boot back into 3.55 Rogero
    • goto system update and install 4.00 OFW
    • once installed turn the console off again and swap hard drives back and you should boot into a modified 4.00 retail firmware.

    My package (downloadable at http://www.multiupload.com/20LFVKUHDG) includes:
    • My modded dev_flash
    • OFW 4.00 PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Sorry about the camera quality, it's the best I can manage.

    P.S. BTW the "nas_plugin.sprx" in this dev_flash has not been altered to achieve "Install Package Files". Also for those who will analyze my modded dev_flash, you will find that I have used debug .sprx files from the a debug 4.00 pup.

    P.P.S. I originally intended to get "★ Debug Settings" to work with this. But usage of "debug settings" required the ps3 to use a debug vsh.self, and that crashes the ps3 when trying to load applications (I did some other things as well to prevent the PS3 from giving me a RSOD when I swapped the vsh.self files, I'm not detailing it in public because I don't want Sony to patch it).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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