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  1. #181
    ps3hen Guest
    Neither file is 13mb. The .pkg in the archive you uploaded, is the same one that I posted a link to before.

  2. #182
    cfwmark Guest
    no way download have a look for yourselves: http://www.mediafire.com/?1kz4ivl7b3og2cb

    4.10 mkw cfw forum is closed but, to open ps3 home but I am still looking for the XMB_MANAGER to run the games.

  3. #183
    ps3hen Guest
    Okay, I know you're trolling now. CYA

  4. #184
    cfwmark Guest
    Oh, and by the way if you are running 3.5 Kmeaw with multiman installed if you install 4.10mfw cfw you will have 4.10 with multiman (don't delete open recovery mode and reinstall 4.10 mfw cfw good copy) otherwise you will so far be stuck with on xmb manager if any has XMB manager put download please?

  5. #185
    amshr Guest
    hi i need an URGENT help, i updated my firmware PS3 with Mega after that it shows... DEMONSTRATION MODE... and everything is disabled just playing. please help me

  6. #186
    patto Guest
    what's saying that?

    upload a picture or post more details.

  7. #187
    matty5 Guest
    my ps3 sucks,

    i put it in demo mode trying to jailbrake now it finds no updates

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Try one of the PS3 Firmware Reverters available here perhaps to get it out of demo mode: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post424140

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    rj10018576 Guest

  10. #190
    CHOKIE Guest


    thanks for your sharing.

    i will try it

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