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Thread: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed

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    dk6621 Guest
    I am noob to ps3. i read posts in this thread but, to be true, did not get much. i have cech-3003b, can i try something on it or still nothing feasible? also can there be a bit shorter post to try if possible.

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    Sostanco Guest
    question: we have 3.6 key.. encrypt pkg with those key and run it on this mfw it's possible? like ftp server and eiko dumper? so at la st we can dump root key from higer fw....

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    We have only 3.60 public key (for decryption), we can't encrypt anything with it

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    At least maybe we can do this on a Kiosk FW higher than 3.55 that support Install Package Files natively

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    cfwmark Guest

    PS3 Kiosk Firmware Reverters

    Github is right for files like this 4.00 core: XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.40_Core.pkg


    PS3 Kiosk Firmware Reverters

    Kiosk Firmware Reverters for those who used Kiosk MFW from tjhooker73 (via

    [USB Drive] > Make an new folder and call it PS3 > [PS3] > Make a new folder called UPDATE > [UPDATE] > Then drop the reverter into the UPDATE folder > [PS3UPDAT.PUP]

    4.31 Kiosk Video (revised from glitchyjoey)

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    ps3hen Guest
    That's not even the latest version, and all official releases of the XMBM+ are hosted on the XMBM+ dropbox.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    wow, nice!

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    cfwmark Guest
    4.10 singed hmf? I have 4.10 cfw mfw I'am looking for that xmb manager file? don't know if it works?

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    ps3hen Guest
    Why did you re-upload what I posted before? There is no such things as a real 4.10 CFW/MFW BTW.

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    cfwmark Guest
    34.5mb to 13.0mb different file.

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