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    VIP Member windrider42's Avatar
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    Did you update through recovery or XMB? Also did you try 4.20 Reverter Beta v0.1 that he has posted?

    Thanks for confirmation. Good video.

    So can you install pkg files with it, or is it just that you accomplished in making a firmware with option too install pkg files.
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    Sketchy much? If this is modified then I want to know how. I've little faith in NGU but I can seperate my hate for this.

    If I remember right there was something about this in the past..? Not sure though, but either way; all of this just seems... Too much.

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    Glitchy Joey, made another completely useless firmware which doesn't install any packages at all..


    also he promises to make a fully working custom firmware which gives playstation users false hope.. it is easily created in MFW builder just patch shop to retail firmware and no other modifications. any changes to dev_flash will give you a corrupt data error.

    i could make another firmware which does install retail packages however it would only install on 3.55 again? i don't see the point..
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    i rather wait... thanx but no thanx

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    I've just realised my PS3 is being super sensitive when It comes to FW, I've been doing testing with modifying my the update type (CEX/DEX/SEX) flag, manually and with MFW Builder, and my PS3 will only accept the original retail one (with CEX Flag). WTF

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    thanks it's really help me out

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    it seems that there will be a 4.00 CFW am i right mates ? but till now is there a CFW which i can install PACKAGES on it other than 3.55 CFW ?

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    there is 3.41 cfw, there is no cfw public anyways that is newer than 3.55

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    and it stopped at 3.55. i'm waiting for newer cfw.

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    For those who went to Kiosk and want back to OFW, there's a reverter: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2iiw00 ^-^

    I've had one person use this which he went from 4.20 Kiosk to 4.21 OFW with it so... your own risk.


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