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Thread: PS3 Firmware 4.00 Dev_Flash Dump by UpSilon Arrives, Detailed

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    spark32 Guest

    PS3 4.11 Install Package Files on OFW 4.11 Modified Shop / Kiosk Firmware

    Following up on the previous article, today master0wn3r at NGU (linked above) has made an updated guide on how to add Install Package Files on PS3 4.11 OFW essentially making it into a modified PlayStation 3 Shop / Kiosk Firmware.

    Below is the guide, to quote: This firmware will not install / run PS3 homebrew packages! Everything you install on your console is on your own risk, this firmware has been tested and confirmed working, if you brick your console its 110% your own fault!

    Hello all, I wanna show you all how to get install package files on your OFW 4.11. It still has some bugs but I am working on it

    Please people, if you get errors don't blame me! be happy this is for OFW 4.11 and you don't have to downgrade first, this is a little step forward in the PS3 jailbreak / unlock for 4.11.


    1. USB Stick
    2. The Modded Firmware (below)
    3. A PS3
    4. Know how to get in Recovery mode

    Main Features:
    • Complete Patch Blocker inside firmware, Blocks all game updates and any application that has a update server besides System Firmware Updater.
    • Install Package Files is added to XMB under Settings menu right below Network Settings.
    • Automatic Update, this feature can be found under Settings menu then enter System Settings Sub menu, Scroll to the bottom and turn this on or off, This being ON will automatically Update the system firmware from internet on the booting (Turning on) of the console.. Recommended to keep this to off to avoid Sony releasing a patch.
    • Automatic Update via Flash Drive (Any storage device plugged in with update data of firmware) on booting of console, this feature is on by default and not currently a way to turn it off. But you will never want it turned off because when i release a new firmware all you have to do is plug the flash drive into the PS3 and turn it on to start the procedure of the next firmware.
    • This is based off of Demo mode firmware so restrictions are present that are irremovable at the moment, PlayStation Store is Blocked off, Go to saved data and click the PSN Plus Online Data to enter the PSN store. PlayStation Home use is by having a friend invite you to Home, PS Vita Deleting Backups feature is removed.

    What does it include?

    1. The long expected "Install Package Files Folder"
    2. Automatic updates from games (PSN+ Content see Settings )
    3. For now it wont properly install and run package files, but i am working on it
    4. Installation on the good old 4.11 OFW
    5. Your console is a SHOP / KIOSK Console from CEX to SEX (lol?)

    You won't need a hardware flasher like E3 or Progskeet for this to get this working. Note that this isn't an April Fools joke like Nodex, this firmware will install successfully with the install package files folder

    With this Modified Firmware you will get the install package files folder in the settings folder, and automatic game updates when you start your PS3, it gives you a few useful extensions to your OFW. I will give a tutorial how to do it, and also how to convert your console back to retail, please tell me all the bugs you found! Here you go:

    Now here's the procedure you need to do to install this:
    • Grab and put firmware update on a flash drive as usual you should know how to do that
    • Now insert it into the PS3 and put the console into recovery mode then do the system update like that, it will not be detected from the XMB menu updater so you must do it this way.
    • Now that's basically it just accept the agreement and start installing.
    • Once you are into the firmware it will say 4.11 demonstration mode in the down right corner of your screen, navigate over to Settings menu then scroll down to security settings hover over it do not enter it.
    • Now on your controller Hold down L1+R1+Select+Square and you'll be prompted with a security code 4 digits Enter your security code for your PS3 if you've never changed it then it'll be 0000 if you restore default everything on this firmware then it will reset the code to 2464.
    • Now when your down click enter and it'll unlock everything, you'll have to do this every time you restart your system.
    • Now to convert back to retail just grab the other firmware (below) and you can install this through the XMB this time.
    • Now you're done, in the future i will work on this and exploit it future and possibly there will be a jailbreak. So stay updated and I'll work on it further soon.


    Link to PS3 4.11 Modified Shop Firmware: PS3UPDAT.PUP
    Link to convert your PS3 console back to retail: PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Video Tutorial and Proof by JamieL2011:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    However, as noted above you can not install any package files by JoshsTubeRocks:

    PS3 4.11 Retail Console Convert to Shop (Kiosk) Console by GlitchyJoey:

    Note: A new way to enter the PSN store is easier, go to your save data utility and press save online (the PSN+ save option). Now it will ask if you wanna get PSN+ member press yes and it opens the PSN store. BTW Thank you if you install this and report any bugs you found!

    [imglink=|PS3 4.11 Install Package Files on OFW Modified Shop / Kiosk Firmware][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 4.11 Install Package Files on OFW Modified Shop / Kiosk Firmware][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    windrider42 Guest
    spark32 it seems pretty useless yet, unless some can do more with it.

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    StanSmith Guest
    So this adds the install packages feature but it doesn't work. SO what does this really do?

    When the install packages feature works is when he should release it.

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    1Panic Guest
    Ya still useless. Even if it works it'd be pointless to have... unless you didn't get rid of your old applications after you accidentally updated but even then most if not all apps like Multiman and ftps are made for 3.55 cfw. So ya none of the apps would even work on 4.11 whether its a cfw or not.

    Unless they were converted somehow for this thing... what ever this is. Is anyone even "trying" to fix the install package issue??

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    ps3hen Guest
    So this is a kiosk firmware update with retail firmware flags. And the "return FW" is a retail firmware update with kiosk flags. This will only be able to install retail pkgs so that's probably why "no packages install", as all homebrew pkgs are not proper retail pkgs. Nice POC, but I don't think kiosk fw will lead into an exploit.

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    technodon Guest
    This is not good, i'm sorry but like Kakaroto told me 'your just telling sony how to patch their firmware without any good reason'

    when there finally is a jailbreak we wont have install package options

    i'm going to install this just cause he says that you can convert the console back to retail which i wouldn't have thought is possible like he said also i very much doubt that you can install this on 4.11 cause if the new security checks and remember if you update from 3.55 you have no way to downgrade without a nor or nand flasher!

    its very good actually. i'm quite surprised how he managed to convert from retail to shop then back to retail on 4.11. going to test it on my unhackable 3000x series console.. wish me luck!

    it even works on a unbackable 3000x series console sony will be breaking down your door and taking your ps3's MR. Joey Johnson, shame that homebrew is never going to run on this unless he is a specialist in algebra equations. but well done for hacking sony's latest model!

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    StanSmith Guest
    All 3.55 apps should work as how do you think lower firmware games and apps still work.

    All we need to do is maybe sign them a different way as its probably blocked the signature for homebrew.

    Just sign homebrew for a lower firmware should still work in higher firmwares.

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    technodon Guest
    one thing it does actually prove is that sony did add more verification checks to check the integrity of the pups. any changes made to dev_flash files including cold boots gives data corruption errors. so there will not be any new custom firmwares installable on 4.11 you will need to downgrade back to 3.55 and update.

    install package files doesn't even work. by work i mean not even sony retail psn signed packages. maybe some kind of special shop packages install ?

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    ps3hen Guest
    What are you talking about? Apps made for CFW won't work on OFW, because they utilise peek/poke.

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    technodon Guest
    Joey inspired me to make a new kiosk firmware however this one will only install on 3.55 make sure you have a hardware flasher before installing this as there is no other way to downgrade. Features include:

    1. Added Custom Coldboot
    2. Patched to allow installation of Sony Retail Signed Packages
    3. Added install package file options to the Game Category

    i tried to remove XMB restrictions to playstation home and the store, it might not be possible now. i think sony changed something? maybe ps3hen can take a look.

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