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Closed Thread
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    Any pics of your latest HFW, ps3hen?

    And nice with the disable cinavia feature! How come no love for blu-ray though?

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update ps3hen and +Rep... I have also promoted it to the main page now as well.

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    Oct 2010
    Thanks is great, can someone tell me if i install this HFW can I go back on 3.55?

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    Not without a hardware flasher atm

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    Great work. Just wondering.. if just signed pkg are allowed, how we sign them? Basically, how we use this CFW?

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    Signed packages are allowed. But since we don't have 3.60+ keys we can't sign them. This "CFW" is not about getting the ability to play pirated games

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    Ye got it. How we sign a NES emulator, at least? Shortly, how we use this CFW, i ask again? What we can do?

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    Bart, its useful in the sense that you can archive real psn .pkgs and install them. This way you don't need to download them again. Of course, that's only one use. Others are for future development like let's say someone discovers how to sign pkgs for 4.00

    NabNab mentioned some qa settings stay intact after an upgrade so maybe something can be done with the debugger exploit as well in the future. Hope that clears up the confusion. Cheers

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    Dec 2011
    Actually have maybe a way but it's too early for now.

    CEX to DEX for retail (also QA Flag/Downgrade Debug Update)
    Update Debug Firmware
    Make debug pkg with standart self
    Run self into debugger mode

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    Ahhh ok. Thanks

Closed Thread
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