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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.6x Downgrade via Infectus, Waninkoko Brick Fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubicusV View Post
    would you mind re-upload again this file?
    Yep, I have attached it for ya below.

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    RubicusV Guest

    Thumbs Up Thanks for your quick response

    I'm gonna use this to my CECHCxx, thanks for your kindness.

    If any progress i've made to downgrade my PS3 3.61 to 3.55, i would glad share in this forum.


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    neo0912 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gunman2011 View Post
    Good news.. so is there any hope now to fix the 3.56 [ factory service mode ] stuck, my ps3 is sleeping since long time.

    please anyone has any idea lets us know many people will be happy for this.
    People, this was a concern with no proper answer. Please is there really hope for this, many are really waiting for this...

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    juschill Guest
    Been out of the loop for awhile hope this isnt the wrong place to post.. what I'd like to know is as of right now is there and way to downgrade or use a cfw for fimware 3.61?

    if not should I stay on 3.61 or upgrade?

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    WinSkeet 4000 Rev 111002 for ProgSkeet on PS3 is Now Available

    Following up on the QT Flasher for PS3 Test and Localized Versions for the ProgSkeet device, today PlayStation 3 developers uf6667, ago and bmx have made available the Winskeet40000 Rev 111002 software platform for Windows following by official Linux / Windows versions from uf6667.

    Download: WinSkeet 4000 Rev 111002 for ProgSkeet PS3 / libusb0.dll / WinSkeet40000 111004 (Official) / Progskeet Flasher QT 20111004 (Official) / YASkeet (Linux Version of Flasher) / iSkeet (Mac OSX Version of Flasher)

    Below are the recent changes, to quote:

    • New Qt GUI implemented
    • Linux and MacOS X support
    • Added predefined and user presets
    • Fixed ability to select invalid ranges
    • Added a file patcher
    • Flasher: Added support for canceling running operations
    • Flasher: Added USB device reset
    • Flasher: Added support for erasing as a stand-alone operation
    • Flasher: Added cycle period selection, should help with longer cables
    • Flasher: Added abort on error option
    • Flasher: Reodered operations, full read, full erase, full write
    • Flasher: Fixed bug with unreliable GPIO operation
    • NOR: Added new write mode "Dual word program"
    • NOR: Added display of total flash size
    • NOR: Fixed flashing of the second half of Samsung K8Q2815UQB and likely other dual chip NORs
    • NOR: Added erase block region configuration
    • NOR: Added selection of number of bytes for buffered write
    • NOR: Added support for Spansion S29GL128N90TFIR2
    • NAND: Made custom ranges work
    • NAND: Added Dual-NAND reading. Reads a block from two NANDs simultaneously, thereby doubling the speed.

    • If you're using 16MByte SAMSUNG NOR, please use Sector Size: 4kB/ Sector Count: 4096 and check "alternate writing method".
    • Differential flash, if you haven't noticed yet, will skip unnecessary writes (compares data on chip vs data in file)

    Finally, below is GlitchSkeet Rev 111216 via Rogero for those who wish to RGH with ProgSkeet (for XBox 360 users primarily at this time).

    Download: GlitchSkeet Rev 111216

    To quote: GlitchSkeet: is another bitstream written specifically for the ProgSkeet flasher, which will allow it to operate as a Glitcher like the many Glitch-Chips out there now that are used to perform the Reset Glitch Hack on the XBox 360 console.

    The GlitchSkeet Bitstream currently have support for only the "Trinity/Slim" XBox 360 board model, It may need some more tweaking as well as adding support for other XBox 360 board models in later releases as time allows.

    But anyway, all Skeeters/ProgSkeet owners have the right to test this Bitstream as it is in its current state.

    Compatibility: This Bitstream is compatible with ProgSkeet v1.1 Crystal Blue only, ProgSkeet v1.0 Crystal White won't work.

    Preparation: Short R12 and R9, Open R11 and R10


    GP5 = I2C_SCL
    GP6 = I2C_SDA
    Adr0 = CPU_RST (you must add a Capacitor of 220pf/230pf/270pf between Adr0 & Ground)
    Adr2 = POST_OUT1
    Adr4 = DEBUG PIN / LED

    N.B: the Injectus Jtag USB programmer is needed in order to update ProgSkeet with this Bitstream.

    Credits to uf6667, Ago, bmx, nice69 and to all ProgSkeet Team members and testers.

    [imglink=|WinSkeet 4000 Rev 111002 for ProgSkeet on PS3 is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    It is my understanding that you CAN downgrade on newer firmwares, but it requires this flasher.

    Someone reported before that a v3.70 or 3.71 was downgraded using a hardware flasher. That's why you see these new v3.55 firmwares with the syscon patched, so they will run even if the ps3 had a newer firmware installed before.

    I haven't looked into it since I'm already on v3.55, but that is what I thought when I read some of the previous news articles few weeks ago?

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    A software solution will be more prominent for normal users but i hope in coming weeks/months there will be a software solution.

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    Geiz Guest
    is there an official video for this? everything on youtube seem fake.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
    A software solution will be more prominent for normal users but i hope in coming weeks/months there will be a software solution.
    I'd not be that optimistic in regards of purely sw solution here - or some easy usb dongle to pop in either ...

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    AKmania Guest
    PS3 NEWS can you give me another link of this file ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher the one that you post is already been remove

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