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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.6x Downgrade via Infectus, Waninkoko Brick Fix

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    Marsupilami Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by michael040990 View Post
    i'm not sure i haven't used no check but if you install a ofw over a cfw the cfw is deleted and the ofw will look at the hard drive for the ofw drive and if you put a cfw drive in it wont be recognized by the ofw on the nand.
    The question is, does the nand check the fw, or does the fw check the nand. Because in second case, the 3.55nocheck is exactly not doing this (for my understanding...)

    I think I'll just give it a shot..

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    UNATURAL Guest
    anybody know of a video tut on doing the hXd editing unless theres any news of usb form coming out in the next few months?

    never should have kept updating...

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    mushy409 Guest
    3.55nocheck is to disable the BLURAY drive checking (whether or not you have a drive connected)


    All the information you need is in that guide. The offsets are clearly mentioned in the guide.

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    Apr 2005

    Progskeet QT Flasher for PS3 Test and Localized Versions Arrive

    Following up on their previous guide, this weekend DiGiTaLAnGeL has made available some Progskeet QT Flasher PS3 updates in both NAND Test and Localized versions below.

    Download: Progskeet QT Flasher (NAND Test) / Progskeet QT Flasher (Localized) / ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher

    To quote: Hi Guys! Today I would like to introduce you the new step in the Progskeet evolution: the “QT” Flasher... The actual public version is a bit “buggy” and difficult to use, and it works well only on Windows XP, as Windows 7 and other OS have compatibility problems with it (some are just crappy things that you can fix with some tricks, while other makes the Flasher crash).

    During the last times, the Flasher developer which constantly works on it to improve the stability and the features, has gave a big push to the Flasher, making the choice of using a powerful and multi-platform framework such as QT!

    QT is a framework which can allow the developer to write a program and make it work the same way on the 3 main platforms : Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without worrying about write tons of lines to make it work on the currently running platform: QT will do the dirty work for you.

    Because of this, @uf6667, helped by two other good coders named Ago and bmx, started to port the original Flasher to QT... and as always we (DiGiTaLAnGeL) and some others have the privilege to beta-test this new and awesome version of the Flasher.

    Let’s start with some hightlights: at the moment, the version we have is the Windows one, which then will be called WinSkeet40000, followed by Linuxkeet (Linux) and iSkeet(MAC OS X). This is the GUI of the QT Flasher:

    The interface is full of new things... and for now we can use these features:
    • The “evil” progskeet.log is gone, and the event log is now embedded in the flasher itself, in realtime!
    • You can manually read,write and now erase too.
    • You can use presets and create new ones, matching your NOR/NAND flash -now there are some presets for the PS3 flashes and XBOX360 NAND-.
    • You can change the write method, between buffered write (the default one) or use the “single word” or “double word” mode (you can use it when something goes wrong or your tasks fails).
    • Now the flasher is splitted in tabs: “Common”, “NOR”, “NAND” and “Patcher” making it more easier and faster to use.
    • The byteswap function is still here, working flawlessly on both writing and reading.
    • You can use the “patcher” tab:useful to apply patch to your dump on the fly.
    • There is an option to change to refresh-cycle of the flash (for slower/faster flashes).
    • Progskeet Flasher is being translated! For now there are english,french and german languages -italian and all the others are coming-
    • The “verify” task is now done at the end of the read->erase->write process.

    The patcher is the very sexy thing of the QT version, apart from the rocksolid framework: It works selecting the .bin to patch and with a textfile, containing a syntax like this:
    Filename is relative to the patch.txt file, and the offset and length parameters are written in HEX format (without the leading “0x” ).

    Finally, from IRC:

    [Ago] everyone who wants to translate can download that file and edit
    [Ago] just change language="it_IT" to whatever you need
    [Ago] and remove the type="unfinished"
    [Ago] or use the linguist
    [eussNL] Done : Dutch translation - ProgSkeet_nl_NL.ts
    [DiGiAnGeL] Done : Italian translation - ProgSkeet_it_IT.ts

    [imglink=|Progskeet QT Flasher for PS3 Test and Localized Versions Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Progskeet QT Flasher for PS3 Test and Localized Versions Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Progskeet QT Flasher for PS3 Test and Localized Versions Arrive][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ezio Guest
    I downloaded it earlier, as soon as it was released.

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    TUHTA Guest


    Can someone give an example of .txt that will patch a NOR dump, lets say the downgrade v2, so the txt that will include all the information about those 6 patches that needs to be implemented into the NOR dump...

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    mehiy Guest
    i need patch.txt file plz

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    l3g0las Guest
    Nice fix. thx.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher

    Here is another ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher update via DiGiTaLAnGeL for those following:

    Download: ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher / ProgSkeet PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 Patcher (Mirror)

    Today I present a homemade releases directly from us ... DiGiTaLAnGeL.

    With the arrival of ProgSkeet "WinSkeet" and with the future and LinuxKeet iSkeet (more here) I thought to release a "patchfile" tailored to downgrade v2 dospiedra flasher for use with these ProgSkeet.

    For this, a release. Rar file with all the necessary files to the procedure, and a complete readme to funzionareil all:
          8888888b. 8888888 .d8888b.  8888888 88888888888     d8888 888      
          888  "Y88b  888  d88P  Y88b   888       888        d88888 888      
          888    888  888  888    888   888       888       d88P888 888      
          888    888  888  888          888       888      d88P 888 888      
          888    888  888  888  88888   888       888     d88P  888 888      
          888    888  888  888    888   888       888    d88P   888 888      
          888  .d88P  888  Y88b  d88P   888       888   d8888888888 888      
          8888888P" 8888888 "Y8888P88 8888888     888  d88P     888 88888888 
                       d8888 888b    888  .d8888b.  8888888888 888      
                      d88888 8888b   888 d88P  Y88b 888        888      
                     d88P888 88888b  888 888    888 888        888      
                    d88P 888 888Y88b 888 888        8888888    888      
                   d88P  888 888 Y88b888 888  88888 888        888      
                  d88P   888 888  Y88888 888    888 888        888      
                 d8888888888 888   Y8888 Y88b  d88P 888        888      
                d88P     888 888    Y888  "Y8888P88 8888888888 88888888 
    |             ProgSkeet Patcher's PS3 NOR Downgrade v2 patchfile           |
    |                                     by                                   |
    |                                    AnGeL                                 |
    |			      WwW.DiGiTaLAnGeL.iT                          |
    |============================= HOW TO USE IT ==============================|
    |-Just extract the folder "downgrade v2 ProgSkeet" anywhere on your PC.    |
    |-Open WinSkeet40000/LinuxKeet/iSkeet on your computer.			   |
    |-Create a dump of your 3.70 OFW if you haven't already done it.	   |
    |-Call it "OFW370.bin" -IT MUST BE A BYTESWAPPED DUMP!-		           |
    |-Open the "Patcher" tab and select "OFW370.bin" as the input file.	   |
    |-Select the progskeet_patch.txt as the patch file.			   |
    |-Go for it :) Now you have a fully working downgrade.bin to flash  !      |
    |This release is based on the patchset of the downgrade v2 released by     |
    |dospiedra, and you should check BYTESWAP while reading NOR and when you   |
    |flash your downgrade.bin file back!                                       |
    |============================== Thanks to... ==============================|
    |-uf6667.							           |
    |-Ago.									   |
    |-bmx.									   |
    |-and dospiedra for his work :) Kudos to him for the downgrade patches!    |

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    RubicusV Guest
    PS3 NEWS thanks for your share, very appreciated. but i can't download on this:

    the server replied me with this "The requested URL /private/ps3/ was not found on this server"

    would you mind re-upload again this file?


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