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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacourse2012 View Post
    3.70 custom firmware perhaps soon?
    No, I don't believe. Did he go in FSM with a simple dongle on 3.70? I think it isn't possible because from 3.60 you cannot more use jailbreak to go in FSM.

    But to downgrade from 3.60+ using a flasher you need to be in fsm or you have to patch lv1. However I'll wait for more explainations from dospiedra, this news (and 3.55 modded) are very interesting!!

    ps: uf6667 said "Also big surprise also for 3.56-3.70 users "

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    download link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleh1567 View Post
    download link?
    It's too soon yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    that's kool. does anyone know if this progskeet device will be made available soon?

    i can't find it for sale in australia..
    Someone previously posted a link to a website called oz3ds that was selling it for something like US$66 with free shipping (I think it said that it was an Aussie based store).

    Quote Originally Posted by XSamurai View Post
    So is there any other difference between the slim and the phat then the size of the nand?

    Think I read in the past that the smaller nand versions have parts of their firmware stored on hdd. So is it now just about to adapt it to the smaller nand size or will we get in trouble cause of the external storage of some part of the fw on hdd?

    If you got any infos about that fact, pls let me know!
    it depends, which motherboards your comparing.

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    Hello please, is anyone knows when 3.70 downgrade will be available to 3.55? is it really 3.70 to 3.55 are available now, when will be available please?

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    now that this has been accomplished, i think that all 3.70 games will also be playable on 3.55 via patches. *crossing fingers*

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    Good news

    I think this method requires 3.55 on the ps3 to begin with before upgrading to 3.70 though, so then it can be stored to the ProgSkeet and then reapplied after an upgrade has occurred - kind of like a checkpoint for the Firmware to restore to.

    Next step probably is going to be Dual Firmwares enabled via something like this, although I suppose most people would want a usb version lol

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    Good news.. so is there any hope now to fix the 3.56 [ factory service mode ] stuck, my ps3 is sleeping since long time.

    please anyone has any idea lets us know many people will be happy for this.

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    This method doesn't need a dump from 3.55, nor do the other downgrade methods, and for 3.56 service mode, most likely yes, as you patch 3.55 cos and then are able to leave service mode

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    That's awesome News ! Hope to see more proofs about it or maybe a update/downgrade *.PUP in the future.

    But great process, indeed.

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