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    XSamurai Guest


    So is there any other difference between the slim and the phat then the size of the nand?

    Think I read in the past that the smaller nand versions have parts of their firmware stored on hdd. So is it now just about to adapt it to the smaller nand size or will we get in trouble cause of the external storage of some part of the fw on hdd?

    If you got any infos about that fact, pls let me know!

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS3 Slim 3.70 Unit Downgraded to 3.55 Kmeaw Custom Firmware

    Today Italian site DiGiTaLAnGeL (linked above) reports that they have successfully downgraded a PS3 Slim 3.70 Firmware unit to 3.55 Kmeaw Custom Firmware, followed by a New Method - PS3 Downgrade v2 Supports all NOR Flash from TwoStone.

    Similar to the PS3 Firmware 3.6x Downgrade via Infectus, this round they have downgraded a PlayStation 3 v3.70 Firmware console using ProgSkeet with the assistance of Dospiedra with a roughly translated PS3 3.7x Downgrade for Slims and Fats with NOR Flash now available.

    To quote, roughly translated: The first downgrade to 3.70 on PS3 Slim 3:55, DiGiTaLAnGeL tested by us!

    For the first time, we have been involved in something truly spectacular We were the first in the world to test the downgrade from 3.70 to 3:55 on a PS3 Slim (With flash memory, "NOR") using the ProgSkeet and patched some files provided by dospiedra, a famous Spanish coder already riding high for having discovered the method of going back to 3.55/3.41 with the PS3 (FAT flash memory "NAND").

    After several attempts, in collaboration with dospiedra, we got to go back from 3.70 to 3:55, enter the factory mode with a simple key to jailbreak, rifleshare a modified version of 3:55 to prevent the SYSCON (the registry in between downgrades) was consulted during the downgrade and now we are happily at 3:55 KMEAW!

    With this version of moddata 3:55, you can perform a memory dump today and you can switch on the fly from 3:55 to 3.70 without having to do this all the time-consuming process: using progskeet fact you can go straight to 3.70 changed to 3:55!

    Dospiedra said it will release details on the patches applied to the NOR and the update file as soon as possible.

    New life for those who arrived too late to enjoy the benefits of the 3:55?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    that's kool. does anyone know if this progskeet device will be made available soon?

    i can't find it for sale in australia..

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    Apr 2005


    I see a few places listed in AU here, worth a peek maybe: progskeet.com/distributors.php

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    damox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    that's kool. does anyone know if this progskeet device will be made available soon?

    i can't find it for sale in australia..
    ozmodchips are selling them (and you can get the infectus too! - Melbourne based)

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    tonybologna Guest
    This is good news for many!

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest
    look we need to get the keys so we can sign our own homebrew and to create games and update files. someone has these keys already so give them out maybe not websites but chat with people and have it spread out idea xlink kai or something.. if some one has the keys email them to someone or something give them to me i'll go down for it.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Great news guys.

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    3.70 custom firmware perhaps soon?

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    jamel240 Guest
    when... soo coool.. (impatient me)

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