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  1. #21
    elser1 Guest


    the ones i've seen on youtube prove nothing.. could be real but no proof its not 3.60 spoofer.. be careful of brickers also.

    wouldn't be suprised if people upload to less reputable sites fake pup files to brick your ps3.

  2. #22
    anon777 Guest
    You can actually get all the 3.60 keys/loaders without knowing lv0 keys by dumping lv0 from ram with dual nor and signed lv1 LOL

  3. #23
    anulu82 Guest
    what i have seen there were the online save data which means those were 3.60s, and they also installed packages from XMB. so it's possible that 3.60 CFW exists but i will not be the 1st one who will test it. i already have one bricked PS3 in my room, don't want another

  4. #24
    femzy Guest
    Lovely thread you guys got here. I saw this massive pup file on the web of about 180MB in size, i don't know if you guys can verify the genuinity.


  5. #25
    Osirisx Guest
    yeah, we are going to believe a one post wonder.

  6. #26
    HeyManHRU Guest
    any new news?

  7. #27
    alchybear Guest
    this is fake, all the keys are exact copies of 3.56

    here is proof that they are fake

    it's the same thing he got just with a diffrent name -_-

  8. #28
    HeyManHRU Guest
    3.60 Keys will come out soon anyways.

  9. #29
    kirkyb Guest
    How about these instead?? http://pastebin.com/QEc60jZJ

    Apparently they're from from 'Anonymous'

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Probably not, for example the first key shows results from January in Google searches. I'm sure eventually they will surface though...

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