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    Jan 2011
    the 3.56 and 3.60 are the same, but i don't know that much about this.. but they look the same to me.

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    Sony removed the whole lv1 lv2 thingy in 3.6 so your basis of it being fake is wrong...!

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    Mar 2007
    just opend 2 hex editors to compare the 3.56+3.60... they both same... oh well i tried... but will keep looking... sorry peeps.

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    Apr 2009
    It wasn't removed, it was hidden a layer further down ;]

    damn I wish I had my ps3 to play with again but I'd rather not deal with the bs online atm.

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    I am moving this to the PS3 Hacks section for further discussion, at least until someone can confirm this although chances are they aren't the real 3.6 keys anyway... time will tell.

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    It is a very slim possibility but could the keys be the same, but the curve be different? Then the tools we currently have would work properly either.

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    chances are this is just another fake CFW, but does anyone have any information behind it? here is a web site link to the original post and a multiupload link: <-- fake cfw or no? looks like 3.55 with extra package file. possible spoof instead?

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    I found this while i was looking. Dont really want to try it cause only have one ps3. They are saying that they have a working 3.60 firmware. Thanks and someone take a look at it and see it is one or a fake meant to brick all.

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    Hey... Really interesting news. Hopefully this leads to something...

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    file size is exactly the same as 3.55

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