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    Jomomma76 Guest
    No luck with Doom or FTP Server. Installed snes9x and awesome file manager with no problems.

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    iKnow Guest
    wow, things are moving fast since GeoHot began to hardware manipulate that baby last year. CONGRATS to all ppl helping. this is awesome.

    As this is the place where homebrew apps are listed, I feel there are two things I'd really like to see:
    • Video Lan Client (VLC) as universal media player
    • DVD and Blue Ray REGION CODE FREE

    I am not interested in copying games. I barely have time to play anyway and I think good things need to be bought!

    Anyway: keep up the good work guys.

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    Jomomma76 Guest
    No go on PSN network for me!

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    frub3nz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jomomma76 View Post
    No go on PSN network for me!
    What is the problem exactly? I can go on fine (and get 40+ messages a day asking how I'm playing "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 BETA", when In reality i'm copying files on the ftp )

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    Lucifer Kain Guest
    Hi all, I have a question, is there any chance to read another ps3 (YLOD) harddrive with some sort of homebrew and a sata2usb adaptor on a geohot cfw? or anything in that department in the works?? as I have a 60GB harddrive of a dead ps3 and I can't get my saves back

    Thank You All

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I would post that in the PS3 Help section, as it's really offtopic for this thread and more than likely won't be answered here vs there.

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    Lucifer Kain Guest
    If that was for my question Thank You very much PS3 News

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    ClausG76 Guest
    Please could anybody add vice 64 1.03 to the list? I think it's the only one missing.

  9. #79
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    As requested here is VICE C64 Emulator v1.0.3

  10. #80
    skolar Guest
    Thank you all so much for these, this site and the members rock!!

    Has anyone ever thought of getting XBMC onto the PS3?? just thinkin is all.

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