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    Sr. Member condorstrike's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    question to the big-dogz, any of you have upgraded to get on this. I've been holding back, and just reading, but I'm stating to crave 3.55 since multiMan now works, and 3.41 was so good to me.

    if I don't get a respond in 5 minutes, I'm doing it... I'm gonna do it, don't hold me, let go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Well, i'm bored & got some time, i will take requests for any homebrew not previously posted that needs to signed.
    Well since i am a fan of TurboGrafx and PCE, how about the emulator for that?

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    Multiman on 3.55 doesn't mount game discs yet.. don't upgrade to 3.55 if you want to keep playing your "backups"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    The Multiman does it play games or only avchd?
    i don't think it does anything but load at the moment. No backups, not sure about avchd. Give it a test with avchd!

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    why did someone sign open manager 2.1 if it doesn't even work?

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    Will PSIDPatch 1.0 be signed any time soon?

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    little confused... So does this let you play backup games on 3.55 now? i thought we had to found away to enable peek/poke.

    I would just like a little more info before updating my 3.41 to 3.55 =P Would be nice to be back on PSN again (yeah i know i risk getting banned)

    N/M lol just read the comments above me =P... Guess i'll wait till backups are playable
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeohotCFW View Post
    why did someone sign open manager 2.1 if it doesn't even work?
    Right now it's just trial and error pretty much, over the next few days I'd expect an explosion of past PS3 homebrew will be signed and posted with only some actually working.

    Once things settle I'm sure a pack of "working" 3.55 signed homebrew will be compiled and made available though.

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    PCE Emu: PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Emulator

    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    Well since i am a fan of TurboGrafx and PCE, how about the emulator for that?
    as requested here is a signed version of the PCE/TurboGrafx Emu v1.3.0 for PS3.
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    To get the BUM to run, the 3.55-Kernel need some modifications and who will do that, when any fail can end in a BRICK!

    Someone early or later. be patient!!


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