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    Registered User emperorvulcan's Avatar
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    i'm trying to play Blazblue continuum shift on my 3.55 CFW right? i've installed the pkg file and tranfersed the USDIR contents to the PS3. then when i went to load the game it asked me if i wanted to update software and i said yes. then after that the update failed and it removed the pkg from the XMB.

    now this is a game thats already been confirmed to work. has this happend to anyone else or did i just mess it up?

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    I can't get SFIII 3rd Strike running with this version, I think the one i'm using is r384 or something, it has the old gray logo.

    If anyone has solved this problem please let me know, I read this version has button mapping.

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    hi there,

    did anyone already provided a scummvm for cfw3.55?

    best wishes.

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    freeflash or alejandro

    does anyone know if there is a version of alejandro or freeflash for 3.55?

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    any emulator for amiga, mame or n64? i'm very interested in them...

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    Smile FreeFlash ported to fw 3.55

    I've ported FreeFlash (author waninkoko) to the firmware 3.55

    Tested on CFW Kmeaw 3.55
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Great job! The community appreciates your work.

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    Thanks, good work!

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    thank you so much for the port and your hardwork, the community thanks you.

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    does this work on a slim with waninkoko v2 cfw 3.55? and how long is the program supposed to run before it is complete? i started it a while ago and all i have is a black screen. is something wrong?


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