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Thread: PS3 Firmware 3.50 Decrypted, Free Public PS3 Downgrader WIP

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    thedevilsdj Guest
    This is very Good News!

    Custom firmware! i cant wait! Although i do enjoy having a choice of either Jailbreak mode and standard mode. But hey! i know my cuz can't wait to downgrade his firmware back to 3.41 as his mate upgraded his just to download a PSN game!!

    Anyway, i got off topic there! Thanks to all the devs that have helped get this far... i mean... how boring was the PS3 until a few weeks ago!!!

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    crisdo98 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xMotorhead View Post
    To sum up, now we are able to downgrade without using any jailbreak devises? correct me if i am wrong.
    You're wrong.. I think the title is quite misleading.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Indeed. It is more than likely that we will need a Jailbreak dongle to downgrade.

    As of now, we can't do anything without it. When a CFW is out, that might be another story.

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    moeiscool Guest
    maybe we could add xbox controller support?

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    2High4U Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by crisdo98 View Post
    You're wrong.. I think the title is quite misleading.
    Read the title and the post properly it is not misleading, WIP stands for work in progress. He still needs access to the eeprom from what i can tell he can change the firmware but the sha1 keys won't be right which like he said are stored on eeprom not the flash.

    Edit: sorry thought he was asking if it is available to use now.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, it will lead us to a free PS Groove Downgrader and possible CFW in the future. Nice work!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I'm not going to offer my input. This kind of thing is better kept secret for the time being... we have nothing to gain by making this public, and the public gains nothing from it getting patched. We would have more to gain if we wait for new PSN certs, or something like that before divulging important information.

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    Apr 2005


    More replies from xorloser's blog:
    xorloser says: just in case ppl don’t realise, all useful files are still encrypted and signed once unpacked/decrypted from inside these pkg files. this means that unpacking them does not magically make them usable or alterable.

    in other words this will not lead to a CFW or jailbreak.
    graf_chokolo says: xorloser is right, the single files are not alterable. But the complete decrypted CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg can be used for downgrades. If i had access to HV i would already have downgraded But i do not have it yet
    xorloser says: there are other version specific files as well as version strings stored on the ps3. i am not so sure that just copying across the “core os” contents will work for you. sure it will install the old “exploitable” lv2_kernel.self. but possibly something else will be missing that will cause your ps3 to no longer boot.

    why not do what that new usb downgrader device does and just pretend to be a jig and do a full downgrade. there isn’t much to it, something similar can be done without too much trouble. or just wait till 1-2 days after it is released and another million clones appear. sure you actually need a key this time, but that isn’t so hard to get…

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    Brenza Guest
    All of you are awesome!

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    makinaworld Guest
    What is this exactly, and what does it do to my PS3?


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