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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Fan Control Utility 2.00 for PS3 CFW 4.50 by Habib is Released

    Following up on the previous update and his PS3 4.50 CFW release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Habib returns with PS3 Control Fan Utility 2.00 (unofficial) for PS3 CFW 4.50 with the changes below.

    Download: controlfan 2.00 WITH src.zip / controlfan 2.00 WITH src.zip (Mirror) / controlfan 2.00 WITH src.zip (Mirror #2) / ctrlfan_2.00_quiet.zip by adygt / UP0001-CTRLFAN00_00-0000000000000000.zip (Resigned for Rogero 4.30 v2.05) by jonnyjaeger

    To quote: Hey guys i thought to share src and update fan control utility


    1. added 4.46 cex
    2. added 4.50 cex
    3. added 4.41 dex (not tested now cause no dex here)
    4. added dex 4.46 (not tested cause no dex here.dex 4.46=rebug rex 4.46 dex mode)


    1. hermes (real first dev of this app)
    2. rancid-o for payloads
    3. to my ps3 to test

    Control Fan Utility 'Quiet' (lowered min speed restriction in mode 2) by adygt

    What is this?

    It's just a recompiled version of this great utility (v. 2.00 by Habib is the base) to provide a quieter version to those who find the safety limit in mode 2 (lowest possible speed - 0x5F) a little too strict and noisy, provided that their PS3 can handle a little bit of extra heat.

    What are the differences to the stock version?
    • the lowest speed restriction in mode 2 (manual fan control mode) is 0x4F
    • 0x5A is the default speed in mode 2
    • reversed the order of mode selection (stock order: Payload --> max fan speed --> SYSCON (system default) --> manual fan control, new order: Payload --> manual fan control --> SYSCON --> max fan speed - thanks for the suggestion jonnyjaeger !

    Everything else remains untouched.

    NOTE: Since the safety limit was lowered, it is now much easier to cause the PS3 to overheat and/or get an YLOD! This is intended only for those who think their PS3 can handle a bit more of extra heat in exchange for less noise. Use this at your own risk. I am in no way responsible of frying your PS3 or anything else that might happen by using this application.

    All credits go to Estwald, many thanks for making this possible! Big thanks goes to Rancid-o for the payloads and, of course, to habib for porting this to 4.50 and releasing the sources! If in the future comes out a new version of this utility for a possible new firmware, I will eventually update this thread with the newest one.

    Works fine on my Rebug REX 4.46. I hope some of you enjoy

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    FiREFLOOd Guest
    If I quit the application on Rebug 4.46.1 REX it still hangs with red light.

    If I open MultiMan before, it doesn't.. Anybody knows a solution? Maybe the mode Rebug is running in?


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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Fan Control Utility for PS3 CFW 4.55 by Nathan_r32_69 Arrives

    Following up on the previous revision and his SEN Enabler v5.4.0 update, today PlayStation 3 developer Evilnat (aka Nathan_r32_69) added 4.55 PS3 CFW support to Estwald's Control Fan Utility alongside a Fan Control / NOGUI v2.03 Mod by aldostools and a Control Fan Utility v1.94 Mod by Baxalo with details below.

    Download: Control Fan [PKG+SRC].rar / Fan Control v2.03 / Fan Control-NOGUI v2.03 / Fan Control Utility (ISO/ NO GUI) 2.03 (faniso.rar) by aldostools / Control Fan Utility v1.94 by Baxalo / Gamesonic Control Fan Utility[PKG+SRC].rar (Gamesonic Control Fan Utility 2.0 Italian version) by franzes80

    To quote: Here is Control Fan Utility for CFW 4.55, I tested it personally and worked fine.

    Thanks to Estwald for his awesome tool.

    • Added support for CFW 4.55


    PD: Sorry for a simple thread, but it doesn't have too much data.

    Update: Fan Control Utility (ISO/No GUI) 2.03 by aldostools

    This is an unofficial version of Fan Control Utility by Estwald that auto-quits immediately to XMB after set the fan policy. Hold X for 10 seconds to enable the GUI. The settings will be saved in the internal HDD, if the included PKG is installed and dev_hdd0/game/CTRLFAN00/fan_speed.dat exists.

    New in 2.03:
    • Added payload 4.55CEX from Estwald's official Iris Manager 2.90.

    Note: The AUTOBOOT.ISO for COBRA 7 auto-quits. There are 2 PKG files: one has no GUI, the other always shows the GUI. If you use 4.46 COBRA 7, you can use the Dynamic Fan Control option in webMAN 1.29

    Credits: Thanks to Estwald for the payload for 4.55CEX, PS3L1GHT environment and the open source project. Thanks to HABIB for the payloads for 4.46/4.50/4.53CEX.

    Gamesonic Control Fan Utility 2.0 (Italian version)

    Guys here is my latest work, I updated the control utility fan fixing many bugs and translating it in Italian.

    • Added 4.55 payload
    • Fixed bug that caused the flameout on cfw 4.46 rebug and 4.53 habib
    • Fixed bugs of missing audio after setting the control fan on cfw 4.50
    • Fully translated into Italian.

    Thank you: Estwald, Habib. Guys if help me won't be translated into all languages.

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    RetroA Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by FiREFLOOd View Post
    If I quit the application on Rebug 4.46.1 REX it still hangs with red light.

    If I open MultiMan before, it doesn't.. Anybody knows a solution? Maybe the mode Rebug is running in?
    for me personally using this bricked my ps3, luckily i have a flasher to save me

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    jjoseca Guest

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    Einstein911 Guest
    works fine 4 me.. (Rogero 4.55 cfw)

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    works fine for me as well, rogero 4.55 on phat ps3

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    isaacirlanda Guest
    very good!

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    Dronez Guest

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    Cleas Guest
    very easy to use, nice

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