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Thread: PS3 Fan Control Utility v0.3 for 4.31 and 4.40 CFW CEX is Released

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    saito1234 Guest
    I also got some ingame lag with the audio, when using this.

    What can be the cause, is there any workaround?

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    niwakun Guest
    manual mode will fix the ingame lag

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Does it fix the bug on 4.30.2 Rex which made it crash unless another program was run beforehand? Also does it still cause any sort of stuttering if a payload is used? Even in 2D fighting games the sound would get static several times a minute if payload was used.

    Edit: Somehow missed the post saying it doesn't fix the sound problem.

    Edit 2: Nope, still crashes unless another program is run first.

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    niwakun Guest
    ^ try using iris manager and do the manual mode, it always works fine for me with no stuttering on sound.

    i'm still using 4.21.2 REX, the thing is, in FCU manual mode crashes my PS3 and shutdown as soon as I quit the application payload mode works fine. In Iris Manager, all works just fine, with exception of Payload mode stuttering the audio, which makes any games delay the sound, specially if you play rhythm games the timing gets out of hand.

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    PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.9 / v1.9.1 for PS3 CFW by Baxalo is Released

    Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Baxalo has released PS3 Control Fan Utility 1.9 followed by v1.9.1 with the changes below.

    Download: PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.9 / PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.9.1 / Control Fan v1.9.1 for 4.40 PS3 CFW / Control Fan v1.9.1 for 4.41 PS3 CFW / Control Fan v1.9.1 for 4.46 PS3 CFW by baxalo

    To quote:

    Changelog for v1.9.1:

    New version for 4.46 CFW only, more stable and with minor fixes..
    • minor fixes
    • more stable

    Changelog for v1.9:

    Finally a mod version of Fan Control Utility for ALL 4.46 CFWs.
    • Added 4.46 payload
    • Added compatibility for HABIB 4.46 CFW
    • Fixed Minor Problems

    [imglink=|PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.9 / v1.9.1 for PS3 CFW by Baxalo is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Setting to a single setting rather any payload/dynamic setting works as well. I presume it's the same code used in Iris Manager. Hopefully this new release 1.9.1 fixes the whole crashing thing, it's a minor issue having to run a program before the fan controller but I'd still rather run the fan controller first, especially if I'm running a PSN game which doesn't require me to open another program such as a manager.

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    brenry Guest
    This thing is flakey, and everyone knows it.

    Had it on to play some GTA, after an hour it must have crashed and my fan shut off .. Didn't know it until too late, my graphics went all block glitchy like a bad Divx encode.. and Bam.. This here m'fker fried my motherboard !!!!

    After I get it back from the shop, i'm putting in a manual fan control knob.

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    geeklogik Guest
    are you serious dude!!!. Guys is this tool safe to use, should i continue using it on Payload mode?

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    niwakun Guest
    if you reconfigure it correctly, then yes.

    but if you set it on manual mode and in static fan speed that is high enough set mine slighly louder on my fan, and it get my CPU and GPU temps really cool, even the PS3 casing that should be really hot when I use it after an hour and now the casing stay cool all the time

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    geeklogik Guest
    how would i reconfigure it correctly, i have a PS3 slim and currently using the PAYLOAD mode.


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