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Thread: PS3 Fan Control Utility v0.3 for 4.31 and 4.40 CFW CEX is Released

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes you did replace compounds but WHAT compounds have you used ? currently I would NOT recommend to use good branded liquid metal comes with no pump out effect but it req. good skills and is bit dangerous on CPU specially direct on 1-st stage CPU second is alloy which is not that good with liquid metals (CPU is 2 stage construction) and it's CONDUCTS electricity you have to be VERY EXTRA CAREFUL.

    All tests showing that you have NT-H1 it's hybrid compound best of both worlds I would recommend to use as in all tests in all pages i was browsing was after liquid metal compounds and difference in all ranges CPU power usage was about 1*C , just do NOT over do it as if you use to MUCH compound efficiency of thermal transfer drastically drops !!

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    UnboundGodz Guest
    This may come in handy with fat models, the stress machine.

    But the slim models with the beast fan don't need it. lol or can be a jet in a slim!!!

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    XPShop Guest
    I use CF on all of my PS3, it is very good but I have some issue:

    My one PS3 2501a some times has freeze in mM, movie or in gaming and my other PS3 2501a's Sound LAG while running CF. But all of them have no issue without running CF. Some other PS3 have no issue while running CF. All my PS3 are on Rogero 4.40v3; mM 4.40 and CF 1.7

    Anyone please tell me how to fix this issue?

    Thank you!

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    elser1 Guest
    i am no expert.. i'd try installin rogero 4.40 v1 apparently rogero hasn't ever made a fw past 1 they are all 4.40.1 etc

    the other thing is it sounds like a pre ylod of gpu but in a slim would be rare i guess. since ofw works fine it must be the cfw causing it and i've never heard of it. although all ps3 freeze in games etc every now and then,from my experience anyways... look at bf3 while trying to bring up scoreboard (select) in game.. lol

    if its a minor inconvenience i wouldn't worry too much, but if its 5 times a day try different cfw.

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    XPShop Guest
    I found the freeze's reason on my ps3 with Rogero 4.40 v3 is Control Fan Utility because when I don't open it to background running, my PS3 works perfectly in mM or game playing. So, I'm testing it on Rogero 4.41 v1 which has just released and hope it is great!

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    niwakun Guest
    manual speed = no lag
    payload setting = lag

    I have my PS3 running on manual speed and there's no lag in game compare to payload.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.8.1 PS3Mod for PS3 CFW by Alexander Out

    Following up on the previous release, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has made available PS3 Control Fan Utility 1.8.1 followed by a fixed PKG with the changes below.

    Download: ControlFanUtility1.8.1AlexanderPS3MOD.pkg / PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.8.1 PS3Mod (Fixed PKG)

    To quote, roughly translated: Italian developer Alexander of PS3Mod updated Control Fan Utility to version 1.8.1. See below for the changelog.

    • Added Payload 4.46
    • Fixed Minor Bug
    • Fully translated into Italian
    • Fixed various problems related to an incorrect display of the language ITA (Thanks Dino05)

    Update: Updated to PS3 Fan control utility to Version 1.8.1 Fixed, which works on Habib 4.46. Thanks Estwald (Hermes).

    Changelog (1.8.1):

    Supports CEX/DEX:
    • 3.41
    • 3.55
    • 4.21
    • 4.30
    • 4.31
    • 4.40
    • 4.41
    • 4.46

    Fixed: works on CFW 4.46 Habib and all CFW.

    [imglink=|PS3 Fan Control Utility v1.8.1 PS3Mod for PS3 CFW by Alexander Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tommasi Guest
    not compatible with Habib 4.46 CFW ver 1.13

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    sardelas Guest
    is not working with HABIB 4.46 all version.

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    niwakun Guest
    well it works on 4.21.2 REX firmware (well it should be anyway)

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