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Thread: PS3 External WiFi Antenna Mod to Boost Signal Strength & Range!

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    PS3 External WiFi Antenna Mod to Boost Signal Strength & Range!

    Today mx24 dropped us an e-mail to let us know of a new PS3 modification he has posted at Spanish Web site Elotrolado (linked above).

    In summary, he has added a SMA connector to his Sony PlayStation 3 console and as a result he was able to increase the WiFi signal from 20% to 52%.. over a 25% jump!

    Below is a picture of the finished PS3 External WiFi Antenna Mod, and also 'before' and 'after' pics of the Internet Connection screens.

    To quote in part, roughly translated: Good, after several days of work and investigation, I have been able to replace one of the internal antennas wifi of ps3 (ANT0-WLAN) by 9 an external antenna of dbi, connected through connecting SMA, implanted in the back part of the console.

    To comment that once with the materials in my power, and with the clear things on the way to act, this mod has not taken to me but of 30 minutes. Including the disassembling, implantation of the connector and final assembly of the machine.

    We begin by the necessary materials:

    1. a PS3 with board Wifi, that is to say, that our black has Wifi connection.

    2. a Pigtail UFL to SMA female of 30 cm. (Between 10 and 15 Euros)

    3. an antenna with male connection SMA; it has of all the powers, from 5 dbi to 50. (from 5 Euros)

    4. Screwdriver for Torx with central pin. (to clear a screw of the Ps3 and to remove the cover) To comment that I nontapeworm torx with central hole, have used torx normal, of size 10, and has worked perfectly.

    5. One dremel or drills with reel of 7 mm Although when measuring the size of connector SMA we see that it is of the 6, I recommend to use a reel of the 7, since if it did not enter.

    I leave the comparative ones of power, first with the ANT0, and second with our external antenna in this case, com already are saying, one of 39 cm and 9 dbi.

    Before putting the antenna, that is to say, pillaging wifi with the ANT0-WLAN.. And here the results once put the antenna of to 9 dbi.

    As it is appraised, the results are but that satisfactory, and above, memory that him can, that is to say, be connected any antenna with connector SMA that can be put one but small one, like of 5 dbi, or one Yagui, one parrila or one parabolic one. In my case, and as it is appraised, the 3 networks in question used like test, get to double their power, even something more in two of the cases.

    From here, I leave different information compiled in these days, without which, it had not decided to me to realise the project, gustaria to give me thanks to billaxis, without the information that I facilitate and the hopes mainly, not if it had to me bold.


    Well, entering matter in our PS3, which first that habia that to verify is that contabamos with a device wifi that furthermore had built-in an antenna with a standard connector, and indeed, board wifi of ps3 whatever with a connector UFL, where it goes connected an antenna located in the back part of the console, to about 25 cm.

    Thanks to the knowledge of billaxis, now we know that ps3 does not bring an antenna, if not two, one denominated from now on Antenna 0, that is the one that we are going to come to replace, and that this located around back connector RJ45: and another antenna welded in own board wifi, and from now on denominated Antenna 1.

    In my opinion, Antenna 0 or antenna back, is but easy to replace, since instead of to go welded it goes with a clich3e that finishes in connector UFL, but also I see feasible desoldar front Antenna 1 or, and weld in his place a pigtail with completion SMA, to remove from there is a new external connection, and with this podriamos to place two 5 antenacas of dbi, to but the pure style to router 3Com.

    Furthermore, thanks to billaxis we have technical information on the power of the original antennas of ps3: according to the model of ps3 (date manufacture) it has a gain or another one, at the moment the isotropic decibel, the gain, is of 085-090, in the old ones, less than 2007, is inferior.

    Also it is informed of populacho, that devkits, comes with an external antenna, which serious interesting to know that type of connector brings devkit for her.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Psychodad Guest
    Wow, the PS3 looks like a big W-Lan Router now lol

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    Russky Guest
    hey mx24 nice work, it could really help some ppl

    @Psychodad ... haha can's stop crying from laughing

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    parkerparker Guest
    damn thats ugly.. but still performance over looks ey

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    sorceror Guest
    That's cute. I'm half-tempted to put one in myself, but first I'm going to install dd-wrt or tomato on my router and boost the power a little, see if that helps...

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    colonfrank91 Guest
    not bad.... could really help me improve the range of the signal strength... thanks

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    doorman Guest
    while I can't see this NOT working, did anyone notice the access point names are totally different? Not saying he didn't do this but just a point of interest.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    damn, it works but all that trouble, why not buy some ethernet cable and hide it properly, you get to spend a couple of bucks you get the best lan speeds and keep your warranty. Granted not everyone can do whatever they want for some reasons and may need to do this mod, but other than being educational and having some fun in the process I wonder why go into all this trouble

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    Aleric Guest
    MX that is sweet, I think I will try that out.

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    taladas20 Guest
    how much do one of those antennas retail for?

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