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Thread: PS3 Encryption/SSL Question

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    C3R3AL Guest

    Question PS3 Encryption/SSL Question

    Hello all,

    i been researching information regarding the ps3, and i was wondering about the encryption for multiplayer games. I'm not really into the hacking the ps3 to use backup games but messing with various aspects to give you an edge in a game is fun.

    So my question is are all games using PSN encrypted? are all incoming and outgoing packets encrypted, SSL certified etc. I ask because i'm interested in possibly figuring a way to modify packets.

    My general brainstorm led me to believe if i could edit packets i may be able to enable Cvars and Dvars for my client, obviously already being logged into psn and the game i wouldn't see why file checksums would be a problem. SSL encryption for games or any encryption for that matter in my mind would slow down the game.

    For instance finding various packets for COD4 and editing them on the fly. Anyway this seems to be the happening place as far as ps3 dev, i havn't seen much information as far as game modification so i figured i could ask. If any devs here would be kind enough to share insight that would be great.

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    semitope Guest
    No one answer this guy please. Cheaters are the worst and hopefully a hacked PS3 will not lead to what he is hoping to do.

    I would love to throw some profanities at the post but i'd just end up with a warning

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