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    PS3 Eboot Dumper Preview and MEMore!

    A quick update tonight with a few more details about the upcoming Eboot.bin Dumper utility. It dumps the Eboot.bin from your original PS3 Game disc, and strips the disc layer of encryption, so it is a less-encrypted SELF.

    The program is simple to use: first install the package to a TEST/TOOL PS3. Then insert a memory stick in the PS3 and run the program. Upon completion, remove the memory stick and read it in a PC.

    You now have an EBOOT.BIN that is void of the disc layer of encryption! There are still a few add-ons that can be made such as dumping to a PC, however that may be done down the road. Below is a picture of the BETA version of the XMB info screen for the utility.

    Furthermore, we have noticed it's a bit easier to dump some of the system memory via GDB than our own custom code.

    Why? Well check back on that, but we have already found a decrypted sprx in memory, and that was only after a few seconds of looking.. so some good things are to come soon!

    PS3 Eboot Dumper Preview and MEMore!

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    Fantastic! It is a great step towards the scene.

    I do not know a lot of these things and wonder why ... What is the utility eboot.bin?

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    Hey guys.. Hows everything going ? Anyupdate

    I guess i am just excited that the community got such a great assist in the form of the Dev unit. And we got a slew of updates in couple of days.. it'll be great if we can hear more on the progress... understand you guys are busy

    Keep up the gr8 work and best of luck.

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