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Thread: PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed

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    B4rtj4h Guest

    PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed

    The PS3 E3 Card Reader is a normal card reader for the PC, but with additional firmware installed on it you can turn this device in a PS3 JailBreak clone mod-chip.

    Hello and welcome to another review I am making for!

    This time I will be reviewing the E3 Card Reader from Team E3.

    First some details from the product:

    Flash size: 128K
    Flash memory onboard: 4 MB
    Dual-Firmware support: Yes
    Easy use: Yes
    LED: 2 blue and red


    - The production is from a high level
    - Quality Built Hardware
    - Easy To Upgrade
    - Dual-boot option inside


    - 4Mb flash is very small, but you can overcome that with another normal USB stick inserted with the packages on it!

    Features from the E3:

    - 32bit processor with 128k flash
    - MicroSD SDHC supported
    - Multi-System supported - (WinXP/vista/Win7/MacOS/Linux)
    - 4M programable onboard FLASH - (Accessed as 4M USB drive)
    - Support Multi-System - Super-Drag-Drop Upgrade -Nothing more than a file copy

    Shipping info:

    The package was sent with DHL Express mail. The envelope was funny enough checked for my safety?! (see picture). It took 6 days to reach me. The text on the package said: 1x E3 card reader sample

    Shipping is ok here - 8/10

    Package info:

    There was no package inside the DHL envelope. Only a small sack with a E3 Card reader inside. I don't really care if it comes in a nice box or if it's just in a sack, but compared to the other clones it gives me a cheap impression. Also no manual is inside.

    It gets a 7/10. Minor here is the lack of a manual.

    E3 Card Reader unit itself.

    The stick looks a lot like an i-device with its little grey circle (which is not a button what many may think)

    When you hold it, it feels from good quality and doesn't look cheap. On the back there are some pictures about the units compatibility with all the different operating systems. Further are there some logo's like CE, FC and RoHS.

    9/10 Good stick nothing to say...

    E3 working itself. And Upgrading

    The E3 stick comes with NO firmware installed on it so you need to download that from their site. When you go to you get their site and you are able to choose from 2 sets of firmware.

    1. 2010-11-04 - Dual boot firmware
    2. 2010-11-04 - Single boot firmware

    I chose 1 and installed it on the stick. You ask how to update the E3? Very simple! When you plug the unit in to your computer it shows 2 or 3 drives, depending whether you inserted a SD or not.

    When you would like to upgrade you copy the downloaded .bin file on the E3Upgrader disc and the light from the E3 stick will go from red -> Blue. Wait 5 seconds now and safely remove the stick from your computer. That's it! Simple as can be!

    When you insert it in your PS3 make sure the power is off. Switch it on and immediately push eject. The E3 stick lights up blue and your good to go.

    Only down side is when I want to shut down my PS3 it gives me 2 warning beeps (which means something is wrong...)

    Dual boot

    The dual boot option allows you to choose what firmware to use. Whit no SD card inserted it will automatically choose for Hermes 4b. But if you insert a SD card (even a blank one will work) you get KaKaroto firmware.

    8/10 Again. Upgrade feature rocks!


    Very nice and satisfying product.

    8 + 7 + 9 + 8 = 32 / 40 * 100% = 80 total score.

    [imglink=|PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed][/imglink]
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    +Rep for posting the review B4rtj4h, and I have also added it to our PS3 Reviews archive page as well.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    For everyone starts to ask.
    The rumour goes that it works on 3.50
    This information is FALSE. They used a spoofed Firmware version on the video.

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    za3tot Guest
    all pc card readers work like that or , just that e3 one?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Thanks B4rtj4h ! Good review, but nothing new or any surprise. I would make an review for the PS3 USB Jailbreak aka AT64S, if there isn't any review yet. The bad thing of the dongle is, you can't flash it with *.hex and you are very addicted to the makers, that they update there *.bin's, is that consideration right ?

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    Kiriller Guest
    Thanks for the review, just wished it worked on 3.5

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    shummyr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by za3tot View Post
    all pc card readers work like that or , just that e3 one?
    As far as I know that is a specific feature to this card, I don't know about other ones....

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    viewtonic Guest
    Wonder which way to go... ps3go or e3, both look great..

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    PS3Go is in my opinion better. The support and updates are more frequent. The E3 had no update after the 04-11-2010.

    Both work with the .bin file type. BUT there are extractors "rumors" out there!

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    viewtonic Guest
    cool, Thanks might order one tonite!

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