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Thread: PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 with Major Improvements

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 with Major Improvements

    Update: PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.60 is now available, with more performance fixes as outlined HERE, followed shortly by PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.62 and a PSNDM Plugin.

    Today PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 is available which includes some major improvements!

    Please refer to this thread for a description and details about the application, includes links to versions before as well.

    Download URL: PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57

    Snippet from change log:
    - Improved download system, to prevent overwriting existing files / downloading wrong file.
    - Uses a folder layout to resolve conflicts with same filenames but different file.
    - Enhanced range of Playstation Content support, (A bug stopped the program from accepting all file formats, like png)
    - Improved stability of the application
    - Outputs a Log.txt containing urls captured by the application, to allow you to add the file extension; if you want it to be captured in the download manager / booster.
    - Now allows you to change to port the proxy uses by creating a file called port.txt otherise default of 27.
    - Fixed bug, where a message keeps appearing on start-up; this will only appear when theres an update and will not display a load of garbage
    - Fixed download issue, with files not being saved in the location given in path.txt
    - Slight performance improvments by reducing the length of the code for several operations.

    Known bug (Not really worth fixing atm, as it fixes it's self):
    - When signing in for the first time, you'll get an error; however it should resolve it's self on the second attempt and work first time afterwards.
    - iPlayer App Crashes proxy.exe but I think if you remove the file extensions from the ext.txt for the file types you don't want, it should fix it.

    Hope you, enjoy the updates; you might need to look at the ext.txt as it depends on which functions you want, as some files cause issues.

    Common User use the following:


    Playstation Home Users use:

    You might find more file types related to applications, in the Log.txt and if you do then simply add it into the ext.txt to use the download manager to handle this file type, remember some file types will cause conflict with applications on the console.

    [imglink=|PS3 Download Manager / Booster 3.57 with Major Improvements][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanks for the update Jordandyckes, I have moved it to the Site News but I didn't have a newer pic so I stuck the old one in for the article and +Rep!

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Another update, due to some major bug's in the design which would caused a Major performance issue, in terms of loading speed when caching items.

    This was fixed with constant flow url's which fixes the bug of it only loading one item everytime you load an menu like "Whats New".

    [3.57 - 3.60]

    >> Added constant url flow, to fix several bugs and enhance performance.
    >> Url detectection rate is now 100ms from 750ms for faster loading on high performance networks.
    >> New option on bottom menu bar, right to display options (added Restart Server)
    >> Support for temporary files, like an image for Content being cached.
    >> Patched bug where client would freeze for a long period of time when checking for updates
    >> Solved first time login issue, but disabling .TXT in ext.txt
    >> Disabled .XML in ext.txt as it caused me to loose my iPlayer Icon, and cannot get it back.
    >> More reliable url parsing to the download manager, to prevent files skipping the manager.

    My experience since improvements of 3.57:

    Vidzone now gains a massive performance boost, since it's data is now run through the booster.

    Modern Warfare 2 showed signs of improvement in area's such as latency, my PS3 never finds a lobby of a ping < 90ms, and since using the PS DM 3.57 / .60 the lobbys are much better and have a latency reduction of around 10ms - 15ms.

    Friends List seems to load slightly faster, and the Online XMB Content seems a lot smoother (In 3.60 / 3.57 had a bug - lack of constant url flow)

    It caches most media in used in Playstation Home, and can save up to several Megabytes of data during the connection to the Playstation Network.

    All users of the 3.57 and the version before that, will get a notification for a new update.

    Download V3.60: at and make sure to overwrite all files, you will not loose any downloads, or progress on current downloads. (Unless you break something)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
    Another update, due to some major bug's in the design which would caused a Major performance issue, in terms of loading speed when caching items.

    This was fixed with constant flow url's which fixes the bug of it only loading one item everytime you load an menu like "Whats New".
    OK, I have updated the first post as well. Thanks Jordandyckes!

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    livpool Guest
    this sounds very interesting. improved mw2 online performance? i'm in! ...except that im on a mac
    well, good work tho at least.

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Last update, for the next two or three weeks as I'm pretty sure the bug's have been reduced to a point in which it should be useable without any major problems; and I'm out of improvements at the moment; I could make it slightly faster but it glitches and goes wrong, might be possible with faster CPU's I don't know

    Version: 3.62:

    [3.60 - 3.62]

    >> Fixed duplicate download issue from Playstation Store
    >> Patched glitch when clearing cache folder, which deleted the main folder.
    >> Slightly Enhanced the Latency Reduction, but don't know how; lol.

    [Automatic Update Notification System will go online in about 10 minutes, for the next 48 hours]

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    phantom1999 Guest
    man my proxy keeps giving me a error and wants to send a report to M$ i got it to work when i 1st set it up but now it just keeps giving me errors.

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, Phantom1999.

    Are you running proxy.exe? If so don't, start it with PSN DM.exe as the port might already be in use and PSN DM.exe will correct this for you.

    Otherwise try a clean install, did you change any files? Let me know if this helps

    I'll try my best to sort this for you

    Below is some sourcecode for developing an extension app, Use it to create something useful, like an automated game update downloader which downloads the updates for games, ready for when you go online and need to update quickly.

    I tried to develop something like above, however couldn't provide enough bandwidth to give decent speeds, for distributing url's to the game patches and alerting clients that an update needs to be downloaded; also the structure wasn't very stable and hopefully someone can make something more useful for the Download Manager.

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    phantom1999 Guest
    jordan it still keeps giving me the proxy error. this is a clean instal, i started with 3.57, started it, it ran fine the very 1st time i used it. I was checking to see if u could use the internet on the ps3 and that is when the proxy error happens. so then i updated to 3.62. works fine until u try to pull up the internet.

    also just tried to dl madden 11 demo, all it does is sit there saying please wait. then i tried madden 10 it starts and i can see it listed in my download manager but it also keeps saying please wait. ok i see the percentage going up on the puter but it still takes about 12 minutes to dl it to the puter and then anther minute and a half to transfer back to ps3.

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Ah, the proxy doesn't support standard web requests as it's built to capture playstation content and will crash if you try the internet browser.

    As for the Madden 11 Demo, it is normal for it to say "Please Wait" just back out of the menu and feel free to use the console until the download has finished on the computer; I like being able to play another game while somethings are downloading, unlike the standard ps3 downloader which stops when your in a game.

    As for the 12 Minutes to download it, could specify your connection speed and the file size as your segments might not be configured for full speed.

    1 and 1/2 minutes to transfer to the PS3 is about normal, and even faster If you connect it to a PC and use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) but it requires 2 ethernet ports. (1Gbps which is about 15 - 20 seconds for a 1 Gigabyte File)

    Sorry about not being able to use the Internet Browser on the console when the proxy is enabled, I've developed a skill which allows me to quickly enter network settings and turn the proxy on & off when needed in about 10 seconds.

    P.S Should something crash the proxy or are not sure right click on the bar containing the total download rate, and choose "Reboot Server" you shouldn't loose connection to PSN also click just above it in the segments area and you'll get access to options such as a scheduler, maximum segments and min segment size + some more

    Set the Minimum Segment Size = 1024000
    Set the Maximum Number of Segments = 4096 (4 Gigabytes, could be more)
    Set Retry Delay = 10
    Set Max Retries as Infinite = 0

    This maxed my line out to the point I couldn't even browse google, it sucked every drop of internet available, but has massive speed spikes and a massive speed drop for about 10 seconds of the download towards the end and then speeds back up again.

    250 Megabytes in 6 Minutes 40 Seconds on a 5Mbps connection, which is about right

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